Small Biz Has An Attitude About Search

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Though the small and medium business (SMB) market has a handle on the importance of a website, nearly six out of ten are not actively doing search or other types of online marketing.

Small Biz Has An Attitude About Search
Small Biz Has An Attitude About Search

Those who follow the search industry and actively market their Internet presence in a variety of ways may be surprised to learn that a lot of their fellow entrepreneurs don’t do so.

That’s the determination Greg Sterling at Opus Research found in his study of current marketing trends among the SMB market. Of those respondents to the study’s survey, 59 percent do not do online marketing.

Roughly the same percentage of respondents claim over half their business comes from word of mouth or from referrals by other customers. Though businesses rate websites as importantly as they do local newspaper advertising, many aren’t making the same connection about online ads.

SMB spending has made the niche a highly desirable one for advertising companies. Sterling said the SMB market conservatively puts $30 billion in play for marketing and advertising services annually. They may want to consider more on the paid search and Internet advertising side.

“As a practical matter, Web sites without some other marketing element (e.g., SEM/SEO) aren

Small Biz Has An Attitude About Search
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  • http://www.articlecontentprovider.com Chris McElroy

    I have to agree with the study based on experience with clients. I give each client a list of things they should be doing to promote their online business and they just don’t get it. They want to do well, but don’t seem to think they need to be that active.

    after all they did build a website, isn’t that enough?


  • http://seomarketingblog.info Kaushal

    I think its the awareness that makes all the difference! Internet Presence gives SMB’s edge over competition and also gives the chance to expand their business may be to a national or international level.

  • http://www.basementsystems.com Richard

    The last comment is typical of why SMB flounders in the Web market. A Web presence is simply an expense — a site built to generate business, be it lead generation or online sales is what the SMB sector needs. But for every Web marketer who knows what they’re doing there’s go to be a hundred “Web designers” that build online brochures that are nearly useless.

    The first comment was right on, the second is the problem.

  • http://cummingsgrp.com Ross Cummings

    I am in the advertising/pr business in Oklahoma City and have a small client who manufactures filtration equipment for koi ponds. I would like to suggest to them that they acquire a peck of this here SEM and about a bushel of SMB but can’t find them down at the general store. Where can I go to find some?

  • http://www.4walls.us/index.htm Ellen

    Look at the numbers and the context, and you will understand the problem.

    First, 95% of companies do not have 1 million in revenue. My guess is many of the 59% of these businesses have between 1-5 employees. I have had 4 businesses, and I can tell you that sometimes it is hard to think ahead and do anything other than what is directly in front of you. All you SEM consultants out there may have great PPC campaigns, but what does your accounting look like? It’s very hard to do everything adequately when you are small.

    Further, there are so many scammy companies selling websites and web marketing. Many small business people I know have been burned building 10K sites that can be built for 2K. These stories get around.

    Third, it is very expensive to sell to these smallest businesses and they don’t have a lot of money to spend anyway. Competant professionals cannot afford the cost of sales or collections. For instance, I did some work (10 hours, $95 per hour) for a very small law firm with a $300 monthly PPC budget. Before they started, I warned them this probably wasn’t enough money and though I made myself very clear they felt very screwed when Google started slapped minimum bids of $5 and refused to pay me. And we have done PPC for 5 years, we know what we are doing.

    To make a long story even longer, we no longer take any SEM gigs because it is just not profitable enough for us. And frankly that is a loss because we were a competant affordable resources to small businesses.

  • http://www.greychild.net Dwainia Grey

    It’s true that Small Business work within small budgets and most of them don’t utilize their web presence. Small businesses and SME consultants must look at the bigger picture and that is to drive sales. By targeting locally and focusing their money on local search engines or keywords for local searches they can optimize the money spent on online marketing. It also helps to have a great, content rich site too.

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