Sliders are Targeting Women at Gas Stations


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"Sliders" the latest name given to low life thieves. Sliders have become a big problem nationwide. Incidents have been reported across the country in cities including Houston, Miami, Memphis and Washington DC.

The definition of a slider, according to law enforcement, is a thief that drives up next to a car at the gas pump, slides over to the car to see if the door is unlocked, and if so they steal whatever they can before sliding back into their own vehicle. Sliders have become a big problem nationwide. The thief can grab your valuables and be gone in less than 20 seconds. Today a slider was caught on video and was in and out of the car with the valuables in 19 seconds.

Another prime targeted area for the Slider is child care facilities where women are usually in a hurry and preoccupied and therefore the Slider strikes again!

Women are the primary focus at present but men are not safe. Men can be targeted if they carry briefcases, laptops, satchels or other valuables in their cars.

'Your vehicle is not a secure location for your belongings,' Houston police officer Jim Woods told ABC.

The common sense, basic and most important way to avoid being victimized by these thieves is to lock your doors, keep valuables out of sight, and keep all your belongings by your side, even while at the pump getting fuel. This simple act would stop these brazen criminals and the Slider would have to slide on down the road and find a new crime to focus on! LOCK YOUR DOORS!!!