Slide Surpasses Flickr In New Zealand

    September 28, 2007

Slides tend to involve downward movement.  But in New Zealand, media site has experienced an increase in market share, and has actually overtaken Yahoo’s darling, Flickr.

The gap between them isn’t huge – between early May and mid-September, Flickr was used by 13.73 percent of the market, while Slide reached 14.44 percent.  Hitwise’s Sandra Hanchard, who brings us these stats, notes that Slide has experienced some impressive growth, though.

Slide grew by 228 percent in the last five months, according to Hanchard; that’s practically a Facebook-style accomplishment.  And interestingly enough, there’s a connection between the two.  Hanchard writes, “Hitwise Clickstream data confirms that social networking websites are driving the bulk of traffic to, with Facebook accounting for 59.18% upstream share, and Bebo with 21.86% share for the week ending 22 September 2007.”

It’s not good news all around, however, for the San Francisco-based Slide – Photobucket is still beating it in terms of market share, with Hitwise recording the level at 15.50 percent.  Photobucket’s also ahead in terms of the length of an average visit, although Flickr managed to defeat both companies in that respect.

In other Flickr-related news, the site’s in the middle of a lawsuit involving Virgin Mobile, Creative Commons, and a 16-year-old girl.