Slide Slips Photos Over RSS

    August 31, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The Windows-based Slide application allows users to share photos with other Slide users via RSS technology.

The WiRED.Pod site brings news of a new photo-sharing application, reminiscent of what was once called “push” technology. A desktop-based program from Slide will index photos on a local hard drive and group them into “intuitive channels,” according to the company’s web site. Then the application plays them back via its interface.

Those photos can be shared with other Slide users. And with the help of RSS, users can make the channels Slide creates available via subscription, either for registered or unregistered Slide users. Channels can be created by dragging and dropping photos onto the Slide ticker.

The software does provide access controls to limit viewing of designated photo channels. “Public” makes the channel available to anyone. “Friends Only” limits the channel to those users cited in one’s Slide friend list. “Invite Only” restricts channel availability to those specifically invited by the user.

Photos and other files can be sent via Slide to other users. Slide doesn’t list supported file types, but says it “supports (a) vast majority of media types.” The application sends the photo or file via email, so it really doesn’t function as a true file-sharing client.

PayPal co-founder Max Levchin started Slide, which currently is only available for the Windows platform. The site does note they want to make a Mac OS X version available, and want to hear from Mac developers interested in coming on-board.

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