Skype, RackSpace Among Big Wrecks In ’07

    December 27, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

There is no greater feeling of dread for an admin than seeing a system go offline, and nothing works to get it going again.

The sinking sensation of helplessness confounded several technology providers of various stripes in 2007. Worse for their customers, service outages that occupied hours or even days left people equally frustrated as they waited for restoration.

The Royal Pingdom blog noted several of the major incidents that took the “service” out of Software-as-a-Service. Skype’s 36 hours of unintended downtime hit its more dedicated users hard, and conspiracy theories quickly followed that August oopsie by the VoIP provider.

Then there was the RackSpace outage, one that proved Murphy’s Law could hit even companies with solid disaster preparedness. A truck driver’s accident, and the ensuing rescue efforts, took out RackSpace’s Texas operation for hours.

Another ISP outage, this time in San Francisco at 365 Main, walloped some of the Web 2.0 elite. Royal Pingdom cited Craigslist, Technorati, and Live Journal among those affected by a backup power system that didn’t power up in the center. Gossipers at Valleywag later said 365 Main was up for sale.

Tech power Google was not immune from the outage bug, either. Their Blogger service and Google Analytics both experienced issues. As Pingdom recounted, Google even removed its own official blog by accident at one point.

Granted, it’s small comfort to take, but remember as your company’s hard disks spin to a soul-crushing halt that you aren’t the only one who’s had to face that kind of adversity.