Skype Outage Dials Up Conspiracy Theories

    August 27, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

That 36-hour blank spot where Skype’s login and authentication systems used to be may have been down for reasons beyond the official party line…but you have to believe the *truth* is out there.

Skype Outage Dials Up Conspiracy Theories
Skype Outage Dials Up Conspiracy Theories

Not everyone has been satisfied with Skype’s assertion that Microsoft’s latest patch updates caused thousands of Skype users to logout and try to log back in at the same time, crushing Skype’s login system.

Skype official types have blogged a couple of times that the long service outage was not due to an outside exploit or other malicious activity. Microsoft, for its part, has reacted with virtually a WTF to claims that for the first time ever a Windows update and restart sequence caused this kind of disruption across a peer-to-peer system that should withstand such activity.

Whenever there is controversy, people like to try and fit baffling circumstances into what they do understand. Conspiracy theories fill in the gaps where facts fear to tread, and that’s where Jabari Zakiya’s article at Free Software Magazine picks up the Skype outage thread:

“The Skype network has been a concern of government intelligence agencies since its inception because it provides a worldwide network of encrypted VoIP calls to potential