Skype Now Offering Voice To Text Messaging Conversion

    March 3, 2009

Skype has introduced a new feature that converts voicemail to text via speech technology firm SpinVox.

SpinVox converts voice messages to text in English, Spanish, French, and German. The messages are sent by Skype as an SMS text directly to a mobile phone for users to read.

Users who receive converted voicemail messages can listen to the full voice message by signing into Skype or by calling their Skype To Go number. Skype users can also opt to receive voicemail notification via SMS or for free by email.

Mike Bartlett
Mike Bartlett

"Using SpinVox gives our users added flexibility and convenience over their Skype voicemails, said Mike Bartlett, director of product strategy at Skype.

"As people continue to spend more time on the move and on their mobile devices, people want to take their Skype conversations with them. SpinVox is a great option for our users to save time on checking their Skype voicemail and receive messages immediately sent to their mobile phone."

Skype users can set up voicemail to text from their account page, by registering their mobile phone number. Each voicemail to text conversion will cost 25 cents plus the cost of sending an SMS message. Additional SMS charges may apply depending on the length of the message.

Users can opt to set a limit on the number of voicemail conversions received per day and to receive messages from people only in their contact list. Skype will send an email notiifcation if the limit is exceeded.