Skype Launched For Linux, Mac

    February 1, 2005

Voice over IP is officially upon us. The ability to use your Internet connection to make free phone calls to other computers is quickly making its way into the mainstream.

One of the more popular ways to use VoIP is through Skype. Skype is a software utility that functions much like an instant messenger, with one big difference: voice communication. Currently, Skype is a free download as well as a free service.

When it launched, Skype was only available for the Windows platforms. Today however, Skype addressed this issue by announcing the launch of Skype for the Linux and Mac OSX environments.

Niklas Zennstrm, Skype CEO and co-founder, said, “We encourage all Mac OS X and Linux users to experience the cost and quality gains with version 1.0 Skype software. We thank all those who downloaded the beta products as we were developing; your support has been fantastic. We will remain committed to innovation and will continue to expand platform choice.”

Skype for Mac OS X V 1.0 and Skype for Linux V 1.0 features include:

-Skype’s Global Directory – the user-built global Skype contacts directory with numerous search options and an easy add-a-contact tool

-Instant messaging – cross platform messaging ability

-Conference calling – instantly create a free 5-party conference call

-Logs – reference or discard call and message history

-Presence – easily manage availability and view status of contacts
-Customization – MyPicture image display, ring tones, call alert options

-File transfer – send and receive files via Skype

-Mobility – sign in to a Skype account anywhere in the world

-SkypeOut – pre-pay to call traditional phones around the world, at local rates

-Multiple Skype accounts on one computer

-End-to-end encryption for superior privacy.

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