Skype Founders To Launch Internet TV

    December 18, 2006

The founders of Skype Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrm are close to launching their new Internet TV site, which is currently under the working name The Venice Project. Last year the pair sold their communications business to Ebay for $2.6 billion.

On their Web site about the venture it reads,” The Venice Project is a new venture that combines the best elements of the TV experience with the most powerful Internet technologies, in a way that will redefine the way people think about television. It is not a file-sharing application or a video download service.”

The Venice Project will rely on peer-to-peer technology instead of a central server. The service is currently being tested by about 6,000 people and offers high quality full screen video on a computer monitor. Users can download software to their computers to use the service. The service can also be transmitted to TV but is designed for computer monitors as of now.

Friis told the Financial Times that in order for the Venice Project to work it would have to appeal to three audiences. “”It will be a success if advertisers like it, content owners like it and viewers love it.”

The Venice Project will earn revenue by taking a portion of the advertising on its channels. The amount of revenue will vary depending on if the content owner sells the advertising or the Venice Project.

The service will launch sometime in 2007. They have partnered with some major channels but have not revealed any identities. The initial focus will be, “TV content such as documentaries, drama and music videos.”Mr. Friis said.

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