Six Flags Flooded in Atlanta – Videos on YouTube

    September 24, 2009
    Chris Crum

Have you ever seen what a flooded amusement park looks like? It’s quite a sight, and the web is getting a look as news of Atlanta, Georgia’s Six Flags park being under water buzzes around the web.

Videos have been posted to YouTube, Tweets are rolling in, and "six flags under water" is currently number one on Google’s Hot Trends list. Here’s a clip:

"Flooding in atlanta," "six flags atlanta flood" and "ga flooding" are all also currently on the Google Hot Trends list.

While the damage to an amusement park may not be as significant as the damage to the homes of families on a human level, the scene certainly emphasizes the destruction that is really going on down in the Atlanta area. When you can see roller coasters sticking out of the water, it puts the flood into some perspective, that’s for sure.

Six Flags tweets

It should be noted that there are already videos being pulled from YouTube, seemingly about as fast as they are being uploaded.