Six Flags Fight: Attempt To Bring The Purge To Life?


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The Six Flags fight in Prince George's County, Maryland may have all started because a group of teens watched “The Purge” one too many times.

Margo Hodge, who was at Six Flags on Saturday night, witnessed the utter chaos first hand.

The Navy veteran and former nursing student said that she and her husband were leaving the amusement park at around 8:30 pm as the surreal violence was taking place around them.

“There were literally mobs of 20 to 30 kids per group and there was just constant fighting,” said Hodge, whose husband allegedly spotted someone carrying a knife.

“There was a handful of security officers, but they had no control of the situation.”

But what was perhaps most terrifying was her commentary that among the slurs and obscenities she heard, she also heard the word “purge”.

Why is this worrying?

Well, because there have been rumors circulating around the internet for some time now that a bunch of antisocial individuals with FAR too much time on their hands who enjoyed the Purge movies way too much would like to bring the unhinged violence of the movie to life.

Though Snopes dismissed the rumor as false internet chatter, what Hodge heard and experienced first hand following a series of attacks allegedly planned on the internet is at the very least an eerie coincidence.

The notion that the entire brawl may have been organized via Twitter is already disturbing. The idea that it was planned as an homage to a horror movie makes it that much worse.

Prince George’s County law enforcement officials say that no arrests have been made in relation to the weekend brawl, but an investigation is currently underway.

Related Facebook and Twitter messages are being carefully examined in hopes of revealing information pertinent to the case.

Three teens were hospitalized as a result of the melee, including one 15-year-old who remains in a coma after suffering several blows to the head.

With Six Flags security left practically helpless by the senseless violence, the park has made the decision to beef up security.