Sites With Blocked PageRank

    April 27, 2004

Some sites that sell text links get their PageRank banned – in other words, Google reduces the value of their outbound links to nothing. Their PageRank still appears at normal levels, but the PageRank is not passed to any pages they link to. put together a short list of sites that they say have had their ability to pass PageRank revoked at the site

There’s no listing on the site that details exactly how they determine that PageRank isn’t being passed, though one can assume customers who bought text links from these sites received no boost.

The copy on the site states that, “we verify every site on this list for accuracy; however, if your site is on this list and you have proof that your site is passing page rank, please contact us to re-verify.”

BlockedPR does not say if the sites continue to sell text links from their pages and don’t show how potential customers can actually test whether or not a site is passing PR.

The TextLinkBrokers site says, “the safety of both our clients and inventory partners is our #1 priority,” in reference to the fact that Google doesn’t approve of the sale of text links for the specific purpose of raising PageRank.

Thanks to SEORoundtable for the tip.

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