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    November 21, 2002

I sell nurse uniforms and scrubs on my site: Keywords used are: scrubs, nurse uniform, nursing uniform, medical uniform, medical scrubs, nurse scrubs, nursing scrubs, hospital scrubs, hospital uniforms, cheap scrubs, etc.

This week we had 1272 unique user visits according to my stat’s server software. Total usage hits for the week are 14,301. Exit point pages are: index.htm, jackets.htm, scrub-pants.htm, v-neck-tops.htm, v-neck-sets.htm, tunic-tops.htm, etc.

In April we started using Overture at a CPC higher than we should have for some key words. We increased our hits but were not making any money due to the high cost of advertising on Overture.

We paid for express inclusion to Yahoo in April and things got better as we rose in the listing ranks. This was beginning to get better and better until September of this year, when Yahoo switched to using Google and everything that took 9 months to build went out the window overnight.

I went from a page (1) number 18 listing with Yahoo to a page 10 listing under Google. My orders just about stopped overnight. I went from 4-5 orders a day to 1 every other day.

I have tried to sell on E-Bay just to get the name out with limited success. Hope to hear from you and your readers with suggestions. Thank you very much.

Carol Inexpensive Scrubs

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