Sisters Do A Beyonce Cover That Will Rip Your Heart Out

    January 9, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Sisters Chloe and Halle are two extremely talented girls. At just 14 and 12 years old, they’ve already found their voices and are using them to speak up about the challenges young girls face these days when it comes to physical beauty…via a Beyonce song.

The girls did a cover of “Pretty Hurts” that is so achingly beautiful it might just bring a tear to your eye. And while it’s a little alarming that girls have to worry about being perfect both inside and out or be subjected to ridicule and bullying, it’s nice to know that the opposite message has gotten through to at least two of them. Girl power!

Chloe and Halle take requests via their social media pages, so check them out and share their stuff.

Image via YouTube

  • Girl Power?

    Challenges girls face today? Who are you kidding. Everything favors girls and suicide rates among boys have skyrocketed. Girls have it easy in life. All they have to do is look good. That is it. Half the problems women have are self inflicted. Women are never happy. It is because we coddle them through life. American women are clueless.

    • F. Alus

      Yeah really. There is a war going on in America and it is a war on men and boys and babies. The more entrenched feminism gets in our society, the worse and worse America gets. Personally, I think it the consequences for the fact we aborted 54 million babies since Roe vs Wade. By the way, the following is one description of the five steps of a partial birth abortion….

      1) Guided by ultrasound, the abortionist grabs the baby’s legs with forceps.

      2) The baby’s leg is pulled out into the birth canal.

      3) The abortionist delivers the baby’s entire body, except for the head.

      4) The abortionist jams scissors into the baby’s skull. The scissors are then opened to enlarge the skull.

      5) The scissors are removed and a suction catheter is inserted. The child’s brains are sucked out, causing the skull to collapse. The dead baby is then removed.

      Yet, we will send a person to prison for smoking a joint, stealing tube socks, or a victimeless crime. But that above is apparently ok.