Sirius to Offer Podcasts

    May 1, 2005

On the heals of Infinity Broadcasting’s recent news, Sirius Satellite Radio will announce tomorrow that it’s getting into the podcasting mix by teaming up …

… with the podfather, Adam Curry, on a new podcast program that will appear later this month.

“The show, which Sirius was expected to formally announce on Monday, will begin broadcasting weekdays on May 13. It will be hosted by Adam Curry, the former MTV personality who helped create the technological tools that allow podcasting to work.

The show will be broadcast on Sirius channel 148, a talk-radio station that does carry commercials, unlike Sirius’ all-music channels.”

The NYT has more detail:

An MTV Host Moves to Radio, Giving Voice to Audible Blogs

Mr. Curry’s show on Sirius will also include advertising. But the company expects the show to have a free-form feel, much like the podcasts, rather than the more rigid format of mainstream radio.

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