Sirius Celebrates 8.3 Million Subscribers

    January 4, 2008

Ron Paul received 10 percent of the vote in the Iowa’s Republican caucus, and onlookers are busy debating about whether this is encouraging (because 10 percent isn’t insignificant) or a sign of defeat (because 10 percent isn’t nearly enough to win).  A similar (though much quieter) discussion is taking place over a 38 percent growth in Sirius’s subscriber base.

A gain of 38 percent in one year’s time is quite good; it brings the total number of subscribers to over 8.3 million, and Mel Karmazin, Sirius’s CEO, stated, "[O]ur gross subscriber additions in 2007 were the highest in the history of satellite radio."Sirius Celebrates 8.3 Million Subscribers

But satellite radio has been around for how long, exactly?  And even if Sirius’s only serious competitor, XM, had grabbed bragging rights to subscriber additions, Sirius intends to merge with XM.

Also, in reference to a Sirius press release, Douglas A. McIntyre adds, "What it did not mention is that it also exited the year with about $1.3 billion in debt and $2.2 billion in total liabilities."

So let the arguments continue.  Just a tip to Sirius (and/or Ron Paul), however: if a few Audi R8s equipped with satellite radio were to show up outside WebProNews’s headquarters, we’d likely be in an optimistic mood for months on end.