Sinkhole Swallows Pond in California

    March 20, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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A Newcastle, California man woke up Sunday morning and found his pond missing.

The man, Mark Korb, told the Sacramento-area NBC affiliate KCRA that his man-made pond was drained by a sinkhole. As if pulling the plug on a giant bathtub, Korb estimates the entire pond drained in four or five hours.

It is unknown whether the sinkhole was caused by natural processes or by mining activity, which was once prevalent in the Newcastle area.

Sinkholes have recently been making the news on the other side of the country, following the death of a Florida man. The man was swallowed up by a large sinkhole that opened up beneath his bedroom.

  • sirch

    If the sinkhole was bigger than 32oz then Mayor Bloomberg is gonna be really upset!!!