Sinkhole Disney World: Dozens Forced to Evacuate Resort

    August 13, 2013
    Sarah Parrott
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Disney World is the ultimate dream for children of all ages; with rides, shows, and mascots abounding, the place is a fantasy land where every wish becomes a reality. Unless, of course, you happen to be one of those exhausted, flustered parents with a screaming five-year-old. Or, you know, the resort you’re staying at happens to collapse into a sinkhole.

The later was most assuredly a big, unexpected bummer for guests at Clermont, Florida’s Summer Bay Resort, which is located close to Disney World. At about ten thirty in the evening on Sunday, guests reported to the authorities odd, unsettling sounds, such as glass breaking and large cracking noises. Thirty five people were evacuated from two villas before one began to crumble and, eventually, sink into the ground. Luckily, no injuries were reported, according to CNN.

The guests were relocated to other buildings at the resort, but many left behind important and personal items, such as medications and car keys. There were reports of guests fleeing through windows and of being caught off guard while bathing or sleeping.

Just how bad the damage done really is remains unclear; firefighters are still working to asses the extent of the harm. Reports of sinkholes have been common in the Tampa Bay area since June, causing structural damage, high insurance costs, and general trouble for residents and tourists, alike.

Paul Caldwell, the resort’s president, was quoted as saying to the press, “Our goal is to have everyone have a great vacation for the rest of the week. We’re going to do everything in our power to see that that happens.”

The writer’s heart goes out to the families effected by this odd occurrence, and hopes that, though their vacations might seem ruined, a lost set of car keys is typically a much better fate than death.

  • Basha

    Here’s how I broke this article down. It caught my attention, “Disney World Sinkhole” with a photo of the castle. Hmmmm. I’m a Disney Vacation Club member. Bummer. I click on the link and read. “a villa at Summer Bay Resort.” Hmmm. Never heard of THAT before when I’ve planned vacations. Something new possibly?? THEN! I saw the photos. Those are NOT Disney’s. Those look like apartment buildings converted into a resort. What a corrupt misleading story to tag it with Disney World only to get readers and immediately put doubt and fear on the name of Disney World for future vacationers. Whoever wrote this story needs to put in a retraction as large as the story. Shame on you Allie! You’re career isn’t going to go far if you continue this type of reporting.

  • L A Lambert

    INAPPROPRIATE AND IRRESPONSIBLE Reporting on your part. The title of your article indicates that the sinkhole occured in Disney World.
    Do you have something against Disney World that you would have folks believe that the incident occured on their property, or are you just afraid that no one would read the article if it read “Sinkhole Clermont”

  • Ed

    This Sinkhole Is TEN MILES from Walt Disney World! Are You SO DESPERATE For Attention That You Deliberately Misled Your Readers, Or Are You Too Lazy To Actually Investigate The Facts Before Writing Your Story? Of Corse There Are Other Possibilities, But They ALL indicates You Lack Any Form Of Journalistic Integrity, So They Must NotBe True. You Are Shining Example Of A Hack Writer!

  • Sarah

    Are there any End of World movies where we are all devoured by Sink Holes??