'Sims 3' Goes Bohemian With Midnight Hollow


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Today saw the release of the first new Sims 3 pack of the fall, Movie Stuff. Sims 3 fans can now go west, go goth, or don a superhero cape while waiting for the next real expansion, Sims 3: Into the Future.

In addition to these new content add-ons, Maxis and EA today released a preview for a new upcoming Sims 3 location. "Midnight Hollow" will provide players with a new village full of odd characters. According to the new trailer for Midnight Hollow, the location seems to be an artist's fantasy of a bohemian paradise. The town is set in a secluded valley and has many small shops and . Also, there is never any sunshine. The sims populating the town are all of the alternative variety.

The Midnight Hollow location is scheduled to release on September 26, a small update to tide players over until the October 25 release of Into the Future.