Silvia Hagen Answers IPv6 Questions

    June 6, 2003

Silvia Hagen has been in the networking industry since 1990, and became a CNE and CNI in 1992. She began her career as a successful instructor, and has trained hundreds of system engineers. Today she is CEO of Sunny Connection AG in Switzerland ( and works as a professional consultant and analyst for many mid-size and large sized companies. Her expertise is in Directory Services and Protocol Analysis.

She has developed her own courses and seminars in the area of Directory Services, Meta Directories and Protocols (TCP/IP, SLP, IPv6). The courses are offered through public classes or as customized trainings at customer sites.

She is the author of successful books like Novell’s Guide to Troubleshooting TCP/IP (ISBN 0-7645-4562-0), published by Wiley & Sons, IPv6 Essentials published by O’Reilly (ISBN 0-5960-0125-8) and ‘SLP – Guide to Service Location Protocol’, published by Podbooks (ISBN 1-893939-359). You can find information on all her publications at She also presents internationally on various networking topics for Universities, Novell’s Brainshare, NetWare Users International Conferences and also offers customized corporate presentations.

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By Silvia Hagen:

IPv6 Essentials provides the answers with a succinct, in-depth tour of all the new features and functions. This concise book guides you through everything you need to get started, including how to configure IPv6 on hosts and routers, and which applications currently support IPv6. Aimed at system and network administrators, engineers, network designers, and IT managers, the book will help you plan for, design, and integrate IPv6 into your current IPv4 infrastructure.

Through her work for the IPv6 book she has been in touch with many of the developers and early adopters of IPv6. She is also a founding member of the Swiss IPv6 Task Force ( and has been co-organizing the first IPv6 Summit in Switzerland in April 2003. Silvia can answer questions on IPv6 regarding:

What’s new with IPv6?
Why do we need IPv6?
When do we need IPv6?
How will the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 work, in our corporate networks and in the Internet?
Is IPv6 used already in commercial networks?
How can we plan for IPv6 transition?

Silvia Hagen is the founder and owner of Sunny Connection AG, a network consulting company based in Zurich, Switzerland. She is the author of the successful O’Reilly book “IPv6 Essentials” (ISBN 0-5960-0125-8) which has been published in fall 2002 and already been translated to Japanese and Chinese. If you have questions regarding IPv6, she can help.

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