Significant Blogger Updates Being Tested

Everyone welcome to try them at home

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It’s not always a good idea to try experimental features; gosh knows enough final products aren’t remotely stable.  But a few new things have been made available within Blogger in Draft, and they’re definitely worth checking out.

First is the option to make Blogger in Draft ("a special version of Blogger where we try out new features before we release them to everyone") your default dashboard.  That should save you from either typing a longer-than-normal URL or losing access to the new features.

Embed Comments
 Embedded Comment Form Debuts

Next, a redesigned post editor deserves credit for making things easier to look at.  It also promises to make image handling a less frustrating experience, and certain missing features (such as spellcheck and video upload) are already in the works.

Perhaps the most important update, though, is the introduction of an embedded comment form.  Even if new pages and pop-ups get the job done, right below the post is where comment forms truly belong.  MG Siegler writes, "My biggest complaint has always been the comments thing, now that’s fixed."

Have at Blogger in Draft and these updates, then, and know that several other (admittedly less exciting) features were released, as well.

Significant Blogger Updates Being Tested
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  • http://www.Querkeyturkey.blogspot.com Catmoves

    Oh, I hope they get spell check working. Google shows it on the create post pages, but it has never worked for me. Would be one big help in proof reading.

    As for the comments immediately following the post, they have always been there on all my posts, so I’m a bit confused re your remarks.

    I’ll try this new blogger in draft thing and see what goes on.

    Thanks for the tip.

  • http://www.giftandtoy.com GiftandToy

    Blogging is something that we are currently working with, we’re trying wordpress and google but this sounds interesting so we’ll give it a try.

  • http://www.homespuntagorda.com/My_Blog/page_2071509.html Guest

    Testing to see how this site works.



  • http://solarenergynewsandreview.blogspot.com Kevin McLain

    thanks for the tip on the imbedded comments. i’ve been using the blogger in draft but hadn’t noticed that option.

  • http://www.fromtheabbey.com/ Jeff

    Blogger draft also has scheduled posting – a bit improvement.  Just change the post date to a future date and your blog entry will automatically post on that day.  Before, future-dated posts simply appeared on top of the blog.

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