Sifry: Fifty Thousand Blog Posts Per Hour

    February 6, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

No, that’s not Technorati founder David Sifry’s posting regimen, but a figure based on Technorati tracking about 1.2 million blog posts per day.

Four months after Sifry’s last State of the Blogosphere discussion about blogs and growth, he has revisited the topic to update the numbers. And they are staggering.

By Technorati’s records, the blog search site tracks some 27.2 million blogs. Sifry noted how their tracking numbers have doubled consistently over a 36-month period, with the doubling taking place about every five months.

Yahoo! Personals’ latest hire for senior director, product, Susan Mernit, posted about what the numbers could mean:

If you have any doubt that we’re now in a paradigm shift toward an object or post level distributed web, aggregated thru search and tags, read this now.

Media. listings, and information services business–What does that mean for your portals?
Users may not need to come to your site to get what you offer.

The numbers show a rapid growth rate for blogs. With over 75,000 blogs created every day, that averages out to a new blog every second. As John Murrell at Good Morning Silicon Valley noted on his site, “You can’t help but think of Tribbles.”

Many bloggers update their creations on at least a weekly basis. Sifry cited Technorati’s numbers in stating 2.7 million bloggers do at least a weekly update.

Not all the numbers represent good activity in the blogosphere. Sifry said “about 9% of new blogs are spam or machine generated, or are attempts to create link farms or click fraud.” He also said Technorati and several other tech companies, including all the major search engines, will participate in another “Web 2.0 Spam Squashing Summit” this spring to further form plans to combat the problem.

With the blogosphere’s growth, and Technorati’s increasing status, where does it go from here? Telecom blogger Mark Evans blogged it’s time for Technorati to acquire or be acquired itself:

Does Technorati move to expand its strategic focus by acquiring an RSS reader or blog publisher? Or does Technorati get snapped up by someone looking for a bigger foothold in the blog search market such as Yahoo or Google? Given all the M&A activity (, Flickr, etc.), this is the year Technorati eats or get eaten.

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