Siebel Systems Selects CEO

    April 14, 2005

Siebel Systems’ board of directors has appointed George T. Shaheen as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Shaheen, who has been a member of the Siebel Systems Board of Directors since 1995, is replacing J. Michael Lawrie. The Board and Mr. Lawrie agreed mutually that he would resign the position.

Speaking on behalf of the entire Board of Directors, Chairman Thomas M. Siebel said, “George Shaheen is a technology leader who demonstrated as CEO of Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), one of the world’s foremost global technology consulting organizations, his ability to build strong customer value and consistently meet or exceed financial expectations while developing a global brand. In his 10 years as CEO of Andersen, George achieved extraordinary results, steadily driving revenue from $1 billion to more than $9 billion.”

Mr. Siebel added, “George is the logical choice to take Siebel Systems to the next level of success and deliver strong and consistent results. George is a seasoned executive who knows our industry well. He has a proven track record of leadership. And as a long-time member of the Board, he is intimately familiar with our company’s customers, markets, products and management. It would be hard to imagine someone more qualified to lead Siebel Systems forward.”

“The Board greatly appreciates Mike Lawrie’s professionalism and his diligent service to the company,” Mr. Siebel continued. “We respect Mike and wish him the best for the future.”

Mr. Shaheen said, “I am enthusiastic about this challenge, because I believe Siebel Systems is a great company with all the ingredients it needs to succeed – world-class people, outstanding partners, best-in-class products, a solid financial foundation and a strong customer base. I intend to focus relentlessly on execution. I plan to further develop our strategy to leverage our position as the leader in CRM and customer-facing applications, in order to deliver extraordinary value to our customers. I am confident that we will improve performance and deliver strong, consistent results for our stockholders.”

Looking to the future, Mr. Shaheen added, “The front office market opportunity is huge – estimated at $100 billion a year – and still largely untapped. We have the people, the product leadership and the customer delivery vision to capture it, and now we need to be unrelenting in our focus on execution. I look forward to working closely with the entire senior management team and the Board to get the job done.”

Mr. Shaheen will continue to serve as a Director of the company, with Mr. Siebel continuing to serve as Chairman of the Board.

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