Shyftr May Kill Full RSS Feeds

Aggregating, sharing feeds has bloggers agitated

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The Shyftr service ties feeds and social networking features together in a way that has some prominent bloggers screaming foul.

Bloggers screamed about theft and content scraping amid the wider availability of Shyftr. The service lets a user pull a bunch of feeds into one place, and share those collected feeds with other visitors.

“It’s not the conversations being hosted somewhere else that bothers me, it’s that there are a new crop of services which would not otherwise exist without republishing someone else

Shyftr May Kill Full RSS Feeds
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  • http://www.deepjiveinterests.com Tony HUng

    Sure, the practical answer is a simple one, but the broader question is should bloggers *have* to cripple their readers enjoyment so they can fight this fight on another front? 

    I believe the answer should be "no", but practically I have very little wherewithal to fight it to any degree, so what may end up happening is the expedient, answer not the right one, sadly. :P


  • http://luisgalarza.blogspot.com/ Luis Galarza Marketing Strategies

    This is something I’ve been testing on many of my blogs, to see how easy was to monetize RSS feeds, and if Affiliate program pomotions were able to generate more money than sponsor ads, and adsense.

    The test is not finish yet… But, you niche makes a huge different on the revenue generated by RSS.

    My tip: Test, track, analize, optimize….

    Luis Galarza,

    Internet Marketing For The Poor



  • Rowdygal

    @ Tony Hung – you’re not crippling your reader’s enjoyment.  If they want to read your full blogs, they can go to your site just like everyone else does. 

  • http://www.netndx.com sean

    I don’t think anyone should publish full feeds. The feeds should be a pull for a site not an outsource of the site to the feed reader in my opinion. You can get alot from a headline or a snippet. If you want more then it is not too hard to click through to the site. 

  • Guest

    Does anyone know what the current law is regarding "Partial" (Title/Headline) RSS feeds vs. "Full Content" use?

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