Shutterfly Gallery Takes Off

    February 20, 2008

Showing people your pictures online has become routine – there’s no shortage of sites at which users can display one subtitled photo at a time.  Shutterfly is taking a slightly different approach, however, with a new feature that’s more like a social scrapbook.

Pictures and text are visible on virtual pages, and these flip as if they were part of traditional, bound books.  Kristen Nicole notes, "There are group collaboration tools mixed in there, so multiple people can contribute to a single collection of images that focus on a particular event or place, or point in time."  User profiles act as an additional way for creators to reach out, and then comments and a 5-star rating system allow the community to give feedback on what it’s seen.Shutterfly Gallery Takes Off

As you might suspect, Shutterfly Gallery doesn’t look ready to lead an artistic revolution – most of the scrapbooks fall along the lines of "we’re so in love" or "my cat is so cute" subjects.  Still, Shutterfly users seem to have picked up on idea quickly, and some of the creations are much better than others.

Also, Shutterfly Gallery isn’t bound to the main Shutterfly site.  A press release reveals, "To expand sharing beyond, photo books posted to the Shutterfly Gallery can also be embedded into a personal webpage or blog."

If anyone’s expecting Shutterfly to get a flood of new users out of this development, they’re liable to be disappointed.  A trickle’s not impossible, though, and existing users might grow a little more loyal.