Showing Appreciation To Online Employees Is As Simple As P.I.E.

    July 25, 2003

A survey conducted by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources found that 92% of the employees thought people should expect praise for their work efforts.

However, many online employers (upline members and online business owners) tend to think to only show attention to those employees who’ve reached some high level of achievement. That truth of that matter is that it is more important to inspire the uninspired than to motivate the self motivated (you can quote me on that).

Online employees need help and praise throughout the process of becoming successful. And as their online employer, it is your job, and to benefit, to make sure that they receive everything that they need.

Here are 3 simple inexpensive things that you can do to push those affiliates, downlines, and online sales people on to greater success! It’s as simple as P.I.E

P ersonal Attention

It may seem impossible but it isn’t really. Hunter Simpson, the president of Physio- Control Corp., spends one hour with every new employee, no matter what level. He builds moral from the beginning. Try something similar. Invite all your new online employees to chat with you, and maybe a top online employee of yours, for one hours in a private chatroom. Make it a tradition to invite all new employees to this exclusive online meeting once a month. Share your experiences with them, tell them a bit about yourself, and allow them to ask you how they can succeeds in working with you.

I nspire- Every online endeavor has those people who

sign up but fail to produce. Whatever the reason, they lost that spark that they had when they signed up. What you need to do is remind them why they joined in the first place. Reward successful online employees by sending their success stories out in your update emails. You’ll receive that asses bonus of showing those in a bit of a slump that success is possible !

E ducate- Smart online employees are more effective.

Reinvest a bit of the money you make to gather educational tools to give to your employees. Ebooks, telecourses, consultations, and message boards are a great start! Also, remember you have a broader view of the tactics being used by your organization. You most likely see areas to promote that no one has touched, like PPC engines, certain ezines, or a ad network. Don’t keep it to yourself. Educate them about the possibilities out there.

Remember, showing appreciation to online employees is as simple as P.I.E., and fruitage it reaps is truly sweet indeed!

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