Show Uses YouTube To Earn International Success

    June 15, 2007

As Google develops video ID tools for YouTube, its main motivation is likely a desire to avoid lawsuits – some companies just don’t approve of the whole free-video arrangement.  But some companies do, and one Australian show even owes much of its success to YouTube.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation “is finalising plans to re-sell The Chaser’s War on Everything to overseas TV networks,” reports The Sydney Morning Herald.  “The satirical show has grown an international following thanks to the ABC’s policy of allowing its shows to be accessed for free through its website and uploaded to video sharing sites like YouTube.”

Indeed, a Google+Search”>Google search for the full title of “The Chaser” yields two YouTube videos within the top ten results.  And that Google search doesn’t rig the odds in the video-sharing site’s favor – even identical searches performed at Yahoo and Ask give YouTube results within the top ten.

As a result, “A source close to the show said ABC had sold repackaged episodes to TV networks in European countries like Finland and Germany.  The international versions would not include the Australia-specific stunts but would bundle together the more generic segments that could appeal to an overseas audience,” according to the Herald.

By the way, “The Chaser” is the same show that once had its clips pulled from YouTube because of some teenage mischief/idiocy.  Given all the success that has occurred due (at least in part) to its presence on that site, it’s a good bet that everyone involved with the show was quite happy when the mishap was resolved.