Shopping With Jellyfish

    June 26, 2006

How’s this for a place to shop – a site “where stores compete to lower your price.” That’s the concept behind Jellyfish, a “new kind of search engine” that shares ad revenue with buyers. Right now, it’s only in beta form, but the site already offers “1000’s of stores.”

Jellyfish allows users to shop by store or by category, in addition to general-purpose, at-large queries. It features a merchant rating system that can result in the removal of vendors that offer continually unsatisfactory service. And the kicker: the “ cash back promise” that earmarks “at least half of every $1 we earn when you shop and buy products using” for the user.

The site’s main page boasts of 2.3 percent cash back from Best Buy, 4.0 percent from Barnes and Noble, and 5.3 percent from Sears. I briefly scanned some merchant listings, and the highest cash back percentage I noticed was 22.5 percent from While not everyone on Jellyfish offers this much cash back, any little bit helps.

There’s a lot of information of the “About Us” variety, explaining the site’s concepts, reasoning, and guarantees, but it’s intuitive enough for users to jump in and begin shopping, too. The one roadblock is the required account set-up, but this is a free process, and goes by quickly enough.

Jellyfish looks extremely promising. It’s not so amazing as to make comparison-shopping a thing of the past, but this site (the odd name of which is not explained, as far as I could see) and its cash back promise are definitely worth a look.

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