Shoplifting Selfie Arrest: What Happened?


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It turns out that the “selfie” craze wasn’t just the greatest thing to ever happen to the attention whores of the world.

Law enforcement officials have a reason to be thankful for them, too.

Or at least thankful that some individuals don’t know that sharing photographic evidence of their theft is in fact a TERRIBLE idea.

This bit of wisdom evaded 27-year-old Danielle Saxton, who was arrested over the weekend and charged with retail theft.

The West Frankford, Ill. native posted a photo on her Facebook page with the message, “Love my new dress”.

Unfortunately for Saxton, the colorful leopard print dress she is accused of stealing from Mortie’s Boutique is one of a kind.

The boutique saw surveillance footage of a woman making off with a dress without paying for it.

They used their Facebook page to ask for help in locating the thief.

Store owner Kert Williams said that they simply left a message requesting that if anyone in the area had any info about the stolen leopard print dress to contact them immediately.

Soon after the store’s social media page was bombarded with helpful messages.

Williams said that at around 6:30 pm someone sent them a picture of Saxton wearing the distinct dress.

“There is only one neon leopard print dress that we have,” said Williams.

Police also recovered two T-shirts, sunglasses, and a necklace that Saxton allegedly took from Mortie’s Boutique along with the leopard-print dress.

Saxton’s stupidity is not unique, as the boutique says it’s used its Facebook page in the past to bust thieves.

Do you like being photographed after stealing? Never fear! In addition to the TMI selfie on social media, you'll also have a mug shot of your very own to cherish.

Here is Saxton's:

Image via YouTube