New Strategies To Building Links

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Link building, done correctly and without causing the search engines to think you’re doing something wrong, can turn the right anchor text into SERP ranking gold.

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Work, work, work. That’s the message from Todd Friesen at Range Online Media. Nothing else will substitute for the work needed to build links.

Anchor text attracts spiders on the Internet just as juicy flies pull in arachnids for a sticky web-based feast. To find out what’s going to attract the desired audience, Friesen said people need to know what their competitors have been doing in the same space.

That competitive research is at your fingertips. A visit to Google to look for link:www.somesite.com, or to MSN or Yahoo’s Site Explorer to seek out linkdomain:somesite.com -site:somesite.com, can help.

Even better, Friesen highlighted a couple of useful tools for link research. One works on the Web, the other as a desktop download.

TouchGraph features a browser-based tool written in Java that can show the relationships between sites as seen by Google. TouchGraph can look for relationships based on keywords or URLs.

Greg Boser has a tool called Tattler available, for pulling links from Yahoo’s Site Explorer into a format suited for an Excel spreadsheet (hint: the good info is available by right-clicking a URL in the spreadsheet.)

Once you know how others have brought in links, you’ll have a better idea of what you need to do to help make your site more prominent in the search results.

WebProNews anchor Kara Ratliff contributed to this story.

New Strategies To Building Links
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  • http://PureTungsten.com Phillip Davis

    If there’s a decision between quantity vs. quality, go for quality every time. I approached Entrepreneur.com about writing an article on naming a business, which now ranks between first and third for this key search term. I get a huge amount of traffic from this link from a high authority site. Google seems to love these big business pubs. It means doing some good, old fashioned query letters to the editor and offering some honest-to-goodness expertise, but if done right, it pays some big dividends.

    The next best thing is expert articles submitted to sites such as EzineArticles.com and IdeaMarketers.com These not only create good, relevant, unreciprocated inbound links, but the article you write will have a chance to find their way into ezines, and offline publications as well.

    Instead of hunting for links, just focus on giving your expertise away. There will always be people willing to pay for it, but they have to “sample the goods” first, and they need to know you’re out there.

  • http://omadsense.com omad

    then wouldn’t be that your always playing catch up with others. And if everyone starts doing what the other guy does, doesn’t dilute the strength and give google a red flag to change???

    can’t there be a simplier way…..

  • Roger

    A few years back, I saw an advertisement that would supply mw with hudreds of links over night, in return for allowing advertisers to email me. Wow suddenly overnight 1 was no 1 on Google for my selected key words. Everything was fine for a few months until Google picked up on it. I di not realise I had done anyhitng wrong, however my ranking suddenly dis-appered and has never come up on serches since. Just to make things worse, I now receive about 200 spam emails a day from their advertisers. be vary wary of this kind of Linking. Wishing to remain anonamous, Limo operator UK

    • http://www.PartyExplosion.co.uk PartyExplosion.co.uk


      we have recently launched our website http://www.PartyExplosion.co.uk

      and where do we hunt for quality content or article writters who work for good newspapers or blogs

      who can publish an article for our website


  • http://www.thehexagonaffect.com Robert

    What are your thoughts on link building through the use of blogs. Such as, creating a blog with strategic anchor text, and then submitting that posting to various social networks.

    Viable or no?

  • http://www.tucoche.com.mx Dino

    I’ve used gotLinks service and have many link exchanges. I can’t see a noticeable benefit. It seems Google has gotLinks tagged and those link won’t count.


  • http://www.VerticalMeasures.com Arnie

    Hey thanks to everyone for a bunch of great tool suggestions. I thought I already had a good quiver full, but there seems to always be something new or something I missed.

    Really like touchgraph.

  • http://www.2cleannatural.com Sandra Evans

    Wow, this sounds more complicated and time consuming than one person who is managing a website can do well. I have spend the last year getting educated about being on the web,marketing,ppc,links,search engines,directories,etc. It is all great but such a lot to know and then do well as a business owner. I would love to have a staff of specialist who could do each area of successful marketing, I am it. Thanks for the tips. :)

  • TIP

    I would recommend this site for your readers.


  • http://www.potentiels3000.com eliseo


    Nice post. I been hearing about links a lot. I did try it. I have a few links to my site but doesn’t help, probably i do it the wrong way.


  • http://www.disksave.com Ronnie

    Signatures in forum posts seem to work

  • http://www.escentedcandle.com Don Stevens

    I was wondering if link building by someone who posts on his blogs is a good thing. He has 600 blogs and he’ll post the blog that I write with up to three links. That’s up to 1800 links.

    Here’s their website: http://www.linksbuilding.net/

    They seem legit all right, but I was wondering what’s your opionion.

    Don Stevens

  • http://www.parkerweb.com/blog Darryl

    I understand the research component, but how does this translate into what links to place on your blog to grow traffic? Do you have an example? Thanks!

  • http://www.prestigewritingpens.com.au David Barker

    Hi Editor,
    Despite my best efforts of linking to Australian catagories in the directories, I am still getting more American traffic than Australian. I am searching for an Australian website with Australian links or affiliate programs?

  • http://epressreleases.blogspot.com press release distribution

    Good information about link building.

    ePressReleases.org offer SEO press release distribution service. It allows HTML tags in PR.

    ePressReleases.org release PR in its site as well as blog. So you get TWO links by posting one PR.

    Google, Yahoo is counting ONE way TEXT links by just releasing PR in ePressReleases.org

    Try it !


  • http://www.poker-rooms-review.org/payment-methods/ ideal poker

    Gray hat techniques are those that are neither really white nor black hat. Some of these gray hat techniques may be argued either way. These techniques might have some risk associated with them. A very good example of such a technique is purchasing links. The average price for a text link depends on the page rank of the linking page.

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