Shocker: Facebookers Not Happy With Redesign

CEO fixes unbroken social network

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Here’s your scenario: You’re the CEO of an immensely popular social network with 175 million registered users, or just shy of the population of Brazil. Your users are passionate and tend to protest over the slightest changes. Just recently they got really mad about a terms of service change—so mad it was on the evening news and you had to change them back.

Despite those numbers, despite rabid user loyalty, you’re losing money, so much money you got delisted from Forbes’ Masters of the Universe Billionaires list. At the same time another social network, much smaller than yours with less functionality and more questionable future, is gaining a lot of buzz and membership. 

What do you do?

Do you:

Old Facebook Now A.    Don’t fix something that’s not broken. And by not broken, it means that meteoric growth over the past year led your site to trounce MySpace and every sensitive person on the site is relatively happy in their social networking habitat.
B.    Ignore that a growing number of people seem to like an incomprehensible platform much like a feature you already offer. Remember that you have 175 million and growing members, and that Twitter does not, and show that you have plenty of confidence in your product. After all Google didn’t just become a portal because some people didn’t get the spare interface.
C.    A and B, and focus on Job 1, which is figure out a way to monetize so that you can rejoin the Masters of the Universe at Davos next year.
D.    None of the above. Instead, hold a press conference. Announce you’re making the website more democratic if that’s what everybody wants and call for a vote. While everybody’s busy voting on that, change everything.

If you picked D, congratulations, you’re thinking like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

At the end of last month, Zuckerberg laid down what resembled the Magna Carta for Facebook, noting that future changes would be made via a more democratic process in “virtual town halls.” Voting on that set of new principles and user rights and responsibilities would be in effect until March 29, and only required 52 million votes to ensure they took effect. Over that month, said Zuckerberg, Facebook would be making “hundreds of changes.”

Presumably before anybody could stop him. Maybe we’re seeing the grooming of a future politician.

On March 13, Facebook radically redesigned the site to make it more Twitter-esque and less traditionally Facebook-y.

How did the Facebook masses respond? Hard to gauge really.  

Yesterday, an update on the Facebook blog about the new Town Hall voting on the new governance plan was met with a barrage of comments about how much they hated new Facebook and wanted the old one back. But comment threads get ugly sometimes, right? You can’t let a minority of protestors beat you back. Just how many protestors are there, anyway?

Facebook Comment

The number against the changes are even harder to gauge because there are too many separate factions of new Facebook haters. A couple of groups appear to have around 400,000 members, one has 2.7 million, another around 50,000, and several others just have hundreds. We’ll round up and call it a cool 4 million, well shy of the 30 percent of Facebook needed to vote down changes under the new governance that has yet to take effect.

Groups rallying to keep or save the new Facebook exist as well. One of them even has 76 members.

Chris William at the HuffingtonPost does a pretty good job of summing up what appear to be the most unpopular changes. They include:

–No more automatically updating “live feed” with updates on everything. One critic called the live feed a “TV alternative.”
–Data is fully integrated into the new status updates. Users used to be able to separate out by category: wall posts, status updates, links, photos, etc.
–The feed no longer tells you when friends add new friends. This was a popular way of expanding one’s own friends list.
–Now users get updated with every photo posted in a separate post. 30 new pictures posted. 30 new posts in the feed.
–Gone is the ability to just see less of an individual’s posts. Now it’s all posts or no posts from a person.

The complaints go on for a while at different sources. The least that can be said is there are a lot of people out there wondering why unbroken Facebook needed to be fixed, and why anyone with a user base so change-averse to begin with would think hundreds of changes over a short period of time—no testing, no asking—would go over well.

 >>> Do you like the new Facebook?

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Shocker: Facebookers Not Happy With Redesign
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  • http://www.vipdistinct.com Lifestyle Management

    I’m new to facebook and they just changed the design on me right after I got used to it. I liked the old design and functions actually because it’s not so Twitter like – that was the point of me getting Facebook in the first place, it’s not Twitter. If I wanted Twitter I would have got a Twitter account !?!

    • Guest

      I agree 100% with the “I like the OLD one!” comment. Why change a website based on other sites if you don’t have to! ;-)

      If we wanted a twitter account, we could of easily gotten one.

  • Jason Whiteside

    ALL of my friends hate the new design. Mark Zuckerberg has literally destroyed the entire site overnight, going from essential to completely stupid, annoying, and pointless. I’ve already deleted my own account, and a few of my friends are planning to as well. Everyone is using it less, everyone hates it, and Mark Zuckerberg won’t change it back because he thinks he ‘knows best.’ This was a MASSIVE screw up and he pretends to care about user input but really it’s all about how to take control away from you and force more advertisements. Facebook is basically dead, I don’t see it lasting beyond 2010. RIP

  • http://pyramid-game.co.uk/ Mr. G

    reminds me of a local bistro that the proprietor farts around with constantly, changing the name of the place, the signage and interior design, moves the kitchen 2 feet to the left/right, and what have you…

  • Joseph

    The funny thing is, as webmasters, we all do this all the time when we have a site to long,

    The problem is that Mark is now bored, he has money, he had the fame, but now he is bored.

    I mean just think about being a webmaster, The best part is watching your “baby” grow and then become something famous if it ever does.

    Mark’s “baby”[facebook] is all grown up now, and he is bored.

    He instead should just leave that site alone and build something else……or he could just sell it, and move on as wel.

    Just my thoughts.

  • Tony

    I have no problem with the new FB interface. It took me an hour or two to get used to it, and I think in the long run, I might even get to like it more than the old. But if the majority of the other users do not like it, Zuckerberg has to listen to the community.

  • http://www.dvds-online-rental-review.com Marky

    Hey guys its good to hear Face Book is getting updated. I was bored with the old interface of Face Book and can’t wait for the new interface. Thanks FB.

  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk Nick Rinylo

    The new system has been implemented because of glitches to the old system or maybe they have just made it look prettier and covered up the cracks… who does that remind you off?

  • http://www.lexolutionit.com Maneet Puri

    I so agree with the user comment that yo have included in ur post. The new Facebook homepage totally sucks!! It looks so freaking cluittered..

  • http://www.ebook-site.com Bryan Quinn

    There are mixed feelings on this, although there seems to be more users against than for the new layout. However, deleting your account is not the answer. Sometimes it is better to go with it and see what happens. It may get better…..

  • Guest

    A lot of people are missing the point about why we hate the new design. It’s because of those stupid applications. My entire home page right now is covered with notices about easter eggs being sent and fighting irish being sent. Under the old design these notices would appear once- now they appear one time for each friend that was sent one of these stupid things. Additionally, under the old design you could delete them – now you can’t delete them without hiding the friend completely.

    Facebook needs to fix this. They push news we actually want off the page.

  • http://americanselfdefenseproducts.com Sharon

    Mr. Z has totally frustrated and angered many people that he depends on to keep his site running! Like many other people I just don’t see why it’s necessary to view a whole long list of updates for every single little thing…pain in the a**!

    • Guest

      I like ppl but I do not want to know or follow every little thing about sme friends , friends or friends great grandmothers friends of ppl I never heard of and do not know. I will not stay to dig threw all the mess to check ‘my’ friends.

      not worth it.

  • Guest

    a re-post with good points:

    It’s not the design people are pissed about so much as them taking away VIEWING OPTIONS such as that Martin describes — and reducing space and timeline of upcoming events/birthdays for that HORRIBLE Highlights crap with the blended ads. Their ad placement was friendlier, easier to read and didn’t sleazily mingle with my personal messages like they do now.

    Furthermore – making status updates blend in visually with other types of posts is blinding if you have more than a few dozen very active friends.

    It’s a far less useful tool now — home page especially.

    Less useful and far less clean — so pretty means squat.

    This is a fine opportunity for some other social network who understand the ease of keeping in touch, seeing useful info at a glance and presenting ads in a way that’s engaging but not FORCED, sleazily interwoven too much in your personal friends’ stuff.

    We “get” you gotta keep the lights on and pay the bills like we do, but this isn’t the way.

  • http://lowongan-pekerjaanterbaru.blogspot.com/ lowongan kerja 2009

    Good post Jason, I like that

  • Guest

    Maybe someone from ebay should read this article as well !!
    Then maybe they wouldn’t keep screwing with the layout, and spend the money they save on making it safer for sellers and buyers alike!!

  • dcoder

    As a web programmer, I don’t unsderstand why FB hasn’t just created skins or themes and let the user decide how they want their pages to look. If FB has really programmed themselves into a box that this isn’t possible to do quickly, maybe they deserve whatever fate has in store for them … which at the moment really doesn’t look promising.

  • David Robert Lewis

    FB in its current format is dead. This is not a change one can live with like the move last year to tabs. Tabs were good for us because they extended t the utilit pages onf FB, now its bloddy circus and impossible to navigate. I can’t respond to any of the information being shoved at me, and there is no way to turn it all off. I want out, and any suggestions on alternaives would be welcome. Surely an example of new isn’t necessarily better, and yes, I like Classic Coke and would rather drink a Pepsi than a Coke that tastes like Pepsi, you know, its all about being the real thing, and FB is no longer the real thing, its a Twitter clone.

  • http://www.himpala.com saikul

    i dont like with this new design, when my friend took the result from the apps, my homepage get mess,, aargh
    And u know what? the apps notice take about 5 till 10 row from my homepage..
    It’s make a dilemma situation for me, if im removing the notice apps of my friends feeds then i will loose the feeds from them too.
    Btw, nice post Jason !

  • http://www.asset-protection.articlesmymoney.com Shawn

    Hello to all of my Fellow FaceBookers,

    First I want to say that for a long time I was more of a MySpace user.
    Just up until a few months ago.

    I started getting the FaceBook frenzy.
    Most of my freinds who were MySpacing moved over to using FaceBook more often.

    I had no choice but to follow suit, When I did, I found my self really liking it much better.
    Doesn’t seem to be as many Spammers and such.

    Then they moved over to this new format.
    It’s no where near as good, I just don’t get it at all.


    Please check out my website :)
    More Traffic please :)

    • Guest

      I did the same as Shawn, but no more I just avoid it now.

  • http://www.citycentreshopping.net/ Mark

    I prefer the old design myself.

  • http://ogdenian.com Ogden McGahan

    I originally joined facebook because it was plain and unobtrusive after my short experience with the visual chaos and spammers at MySpace it was a welcomed change.

    One day Facebook decided to MySpacify themselves by adding apps, third party ones too. I deemed that a mistake. Now you go to some profiles and they are loaded with so much junk apps; sometimes I think they where really created for marketing research and that is annoying. Is facebook becoming a mass experiment on gathering people information for marketing purposes?

    Then MYfacebook decides to become Myfacetwitterbook. It seems all their decisions are based on the viewpoint of gaining marketing dollars and in the mix forgot about why people started using their service in the first place.

    In my opinion, they are quickly become a flavor of the season because of their tactics. OH, wait I have to fill out these 40 questions, so I can help them sell me stuff of which I’ll never buy.

    Ogden McGahan

    • Lyric Powers

      Third party applications originated on facebook, not the other way around. MySpace stole the idea from them, much to my dismay, since what originally drove me away from facebook was the constant barrage of application invites.

      I disabled (because you can’t delete) my facebook account for over a year and only came back a few months ago at the insistence of a few friends. It had changed drastically in the time I’d been gone, and at first I was completely thrown for a loop. I found the fact that facebook now tracked every single thing I did and published “stories” about all of my activity to be extremely aggravating. But once I became acclimated to the new interface and figured out how to filter my personal feed as well as the news feed about my friends, I was OK with facebook. I didn’t actually like it much, but it no longer filled me with paranoia that Big Brother was watching me.

      And then…they changed it again. Now facebook is a stalker’s paradise. Not only will everyone now be informed of every single thing every single person on their friends list is doing, but they will also get to see entire conversations between mutual friends directly on their home pages. Isn’t that great? No?

      As much as I think the aesthetic changes made to the interface were pointless and did nothing to make facebook more attractive, it was already ugly, so that isn’t what bothers me. The changes made to the actual functionality of the interface have been extremely confusing (given that users were thrust into them with no preparation whatsoever), but with a little (OK, a LOT) of searching and practice, those too can be overcome. The real issue is the removal of the ability to filter the news feed and the change to the way the “stories” are presented.

      As has already been mentioned in several of the responses to this article, your only option to avoid seeing notifications of all of the virtual gifts being given with applications, all of the quizzes being taken, all of the games being played is to completely hide the people doing these things from your news feed. Which would mean also hiding notifications about content you might actually be interested in, like new photos, videos, links and notes. And now, instead of facebook being a little courteous about it when one of your friends seems to have had some kind of episode and decided to send 35 of his friends a burrito through the burrito application (why?????), instead of facebook condensing that down into a single “story” that says, “This friend sent 35 of his friends a burrito,” an individual story will be posted for each burrito sent. So you end up with a news feed that is nothing but notifications about burritos being sent to people you likely don’t even know.

      A side issue, that seems to vary from person to person, is that since the changes made, facebook doesn’t work properly most of the time. It behaves as though I’m on dial up now. It is incredibly slow to load, freezes up and/or errors out frequently, and features like the chat platform rarely function at all anymore.

      And sadly, though I don’t know a single person with anything positive to say about the new format, and though an ongoing poll on facebook has 1,153,514 votes against it and only 73,860 votes for it, as of a minute ago, we are likely stuck with these changes. Given that facebook is free to use, the Powers That Be over there have no obligation whatsoever to listen to the demands of the users.

  • http://www.dicebay.co.uk Guest

    I now have absolutely no idea where postings go to or come from. It’s a mess!

  • Pacho

    The new Facebook is wack!!!! they should change it back!

    • kevinV

      Congrats man….you should be a poet!

  • Mac Boy

    Mr. Z should run for Congress –
    The way he screwed-up FaceBook he fits right in …

    It’s his toy to play with, but it’s like painting a 5.0 Mustang
    Pink! –

    Give it a rest, Z-man!

  • http://www.foursquareinnovations.co.uk/ Chris

    Haven’t looked at Facebook in a couple of weeks, now I’m not sure I dare.

  • http://www.sexyrealty.com/ Sexy Realty

    You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can

  • Annie

    I could possibly attempt to get used to the new FB, if I could get it to work. Nothing seems to work sine the change and I have neither the time nor the patience to figure out how to fix it :-(

  • http://www.latterkursus.dk/latterkursus.htm Ejvind

    Well, it’s obvious that people aren’t exactly ecstatic about your changes, so please revert.

    And while you are at it, then ask a focus group before making any major changes the next time ;-)

  • Guest

    What the hell is wrong with the “new Facebook”? New Facebook in quotes, because there is barely anything that is new. A newly redesigned homepage for the better…that’s it. Now, I can finally hide news feeds from some of the friends that I don’t care about as much.

    • Kevin V

      You were ALWAYS able to hide newsfeeds from anyone you didn’t want to get them from. That is not new!!

  • http://clubgreen.ning.com Gerhard Kaiser

    I agree, and they should change it back!

  • Ahamed

    the new facebook design just sucks bigtime. before i was able to see what was happening in my friends profiles and all and it was all compact and neat and clean. but now it is all messy and all. last week there was this cricket match between our skool and another skool and i have friends from boths schools and then u know they all started posting pics and guess wat. i had around 800 news feeds saying sum one posted a foto and it was lyk for every damn foto being posted i get a feed. and the one that i hate most is the quizes. with having only around 300 frnds in my list i get an average of around 30 posts in my news feed saying sum one had taken this quiz or that. wat da hell does it matter to me? and its annoying also wen u CANT easily identify weather sumone has posted in sum other fella’s wall or if he has posted a new status msg coz da difference between the two is that only the other persons name appears after a small arrow mark in wall posts.

    i think facebook seriously needs reverse its design back to da old one or else they r going to loose members so much!

    • Guest

      Just wanted to say that I agree with you on the changes to Facebook. They DO suck.

      However, it’s very hard to take someone seriously when their typed word sounds like a 2 year old wrote it. Could that be the reason our complaints haven’t been heard or acted on?

      I’m not trying to wound you or anyone else. But please, try to make yourself sound like someone who should be listened to and maybe we’ll get more results.


    • Guest

      Take a writing and spelling class first then come back and post your rambling comments. Holy Cow!

      Just some of your mistakes:

      skool s/b school (don’t tell me you’re being cool by spelling it wrong. You don’t know how to spell school).

      wat s/b what

      foto s/b photo

      lyk s/b like

      frnds s/b friends

      wat da s/b what the

      CANT ok to put in caps but s/b CAN’T as in cannot

      Plus a ton of sentence structure issues.

      If you want someone to take you seriously, learn to write like an adult and not a kid in 2nd grade. I don’t see the point in leaving off a few letters when writing. It’s not cool and makes the writer look dumb.

      If people don’t like the new Facebook design, stop using the service and move on to the next “cool” service!

      • Guest

        well you obviously understood what he meant. I did too. so I guess it’s ok

  • http://twitter.com/debi_jene Debi-Jene

    It seems that he is still sitting in a “college dorm room”. Maybe having that much money insulates the mind against the reality?

    I don’t know. What I do know is that I find myself keeping up on my children less and less; as Facebook becomes more and more frustrating/irritating to use.

  • http://www.makemoney.obantor.com nax

    I think designers are getting bored to the same design everyday of Facebook. it’s a wrong way of working.

  • DJ Mike

    Nobody likes the new design. Facebook was fine before. Did anybody stop to think about the new Sr. Citizens who use Facebook? It confuses the crud out of them. I despise the new Design and I am not a Sr. Citizen. Facebook now is called “wack” change it Back! Don’t blow us your sunshine because we see nothing but storm clouds. Change it back!

  • Guest

    Has anyone at Facebook heard of Beta Testing? You ask peer members to try out the new stuff you want to implement before you actually do it.. After all, it is the daily users that have to deal with the results in a daily way, not the software people….

  • http://www.heather.hotpinkflamingo.net Heather

    I don’t see that much of a difference with the “new” Facebook. It was a crappy social networking site before, it still is. I use it, but it’s definitely not my first pick. I like the way myspace functions much better.

  • Guest

    I’m not bothered :)

    • revoltage

      me either. half of the things in the “most hated changes” list are true, but the new structure is actually much simpler (all-in-one) and intuitive. they should adapt it and listen to the people, but not go back completely.

      just my opinion. I know pretty much everyone here hates it.
      (and hey, I hate the corporation behind facebook and the principle of “telling your life online”, so I’m just saying it’s slightly less bad than before)

  • Ethan Boyle

    Crap, just crap. Where is the choice? Why did they change what was already working for me? Were they trying to be like twitter? Well, I guess I’ll check out twitter and see what they are trying to copy.

    I have just gotten all of my mature adult friends to join facebook over myspace although saving my myspace page. I don’t really want another social page but what ever, twitter here I come to check you out.

    Ethan Boyle~

  • Guest

    I don’t want to see how many easter bunnies someone in my network sent to all of their friends, and I do want to see who my friends are adding to their networks because I have been able to add many people whose names I was not sure how to spell or that have common names that are difficult to track down in the sea of people on FaceBook.

  • http://www.UncleJeffreysRoadsideCircus.com moreyn kamenir

    I agree with the above.Totally confusing and not an improvement I need to ‘get used to’ it’s plain old not as good as the old version. My host for my website does the same thing we tell them in the forums provided to stop adding any more bells and whistles and simply stabalize the system. No. They add more bells and whistles to further jam the system. Now I go on FB and my Norton screams…I hit into YoVille and you might as well forget about it…I adore YoVille but not the instability…which has INCREASED majorly since the ‘improvements’ to FB.

  • Guest

    Who says its social networking out there.? PRIVACY is what they are bothered about. So no reunions, no social networking which is possible only you know someone there by chance. Yes, Facebook guys are earning as crime syndicates, terrorist groups get all the privacy facebook provides and thats their stratejy. The registered users are registered only on paper as they hardly go there and facebbok is purely a crime mafia site from where they earn their revenue.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Sharon Sanford

    At first glance for many, the new Facebook format doesn’t look very different at all. However if you are on it a fair amount you become aware of the changes quite quickly. I have never used Myspace or Twitter but for all the reasons mentioned by Chris in the end of the article, perhaps I will. I especially do not like that I I no longer have the right to decide on the posts from friends…its either all or nothing, the fact that each new photo is a new post listed (heaven forbid everyone at the party takes a camera load of pictures at the party), not being able to separate the categories is a pain, and not seeing new friends added by my friends is also a hassle. I wonder if it is time to check out Myspace….seems pretty popular. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

  • Vito

    Like my title. Now they can call it Twitbook.

  • http://sadeewhip.com Sadee

    The new UI really is attrocious. REALLY. Bad design is bad design and there is simply do excuse for it, especially from a company that can afford good design.

  • Lorna Martin

    I’m not sure why I’m even bothering, there are thousands of Posts saying the same thing as me.
    But what the Heck!

    In a nut shell, I just want to know if there is any way we will be getting the Old Version of Facebook back. I tried giving it a chance, and not jumping on the “Get Rid of the New Version” Band Wagon, but I just don’t care for this one.
    Like was said above, if somethings Not broken, why try and Fix it?

  • http://frisson.redbubble.com/ Frisson

    I signed up to twitter and after a while I concluded it was pointless. Signed up to facebook and before I could get the hang of it they turned it into twitter with knobs on.

    I’m going to leave my FB account alone and use MySpace until it resolves itself or dies.

  • Tina

    FaceBook got a Face-lift! Give it a lttle time to heal!!

  • http://www.dorymaust.com Dory Maust

    1. Facebook is free; it is a service. If I had every kid in the neighborhood on my doorstep every November First complaining about the Halloween candy I paid to give them the night before I’d probably slam the door.

    2. Complaints about “life online” not having privacy now. Life online was never private; you’d be surprised what we can Google about you.

    3. Typos – God never made everyone a writer or scholar, but He gave everyone free will. Let it go and stop being so sanctimonious.

    4. “Private Social Networking” is about as realistic as Sesame Street. When you go Twitter, Facebook or MySpace YOU GO PUBLIC.

    5. In this economy, anything that is free is worth last year’s weekly paycheck. Did you find a friend you couldn’t find before? Did you meet new ones? Did you get a good laugh? Did you promote your career? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, is it worth seeing who sent who an Easter Egg?

    6. This Facebook change, no matter how well liked or hated, has really spiked media attention. You may think you’re throwing tomatoes, but in reality you’re throwing dollars. Has it dawned on anyone that controversy SELLS?

    7. Last but not least: I don’t like the change either but I don’t begrudge freebies and I don’t bite the hand that feeds me. Constructive and diplomatic interaction goes a lot further than casting stones.


    • Guest

      Good comments Dory. Nice to read a rational post.

    • http://www.awakeninghands.com Idael Perez

      I had my Massage company profile on facebook, after the change I founf certain features really hard to find, so definetely I had to change all of my information and make a personal profile.

      I do not like that change in particular, but once again I am thankful I was able to find quite a few of my friends that are around the world.

      I am open for changes, and I think we, as human beings are changing , too.

      May God bless you all.

    • Jesse

      Dory, the idea that we shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds us is a bit shortsighted. If the owners of Facebook care at all about their bottom line, they should encourage user feedback and listen to it. It makes no sense to accept all the changes they make if we don’t like them. Products get better when companies listen to consumer feedback, and everyone’s happy.

    • Ah Perfect Petals

      We are a company & one who pays for ads on FaceBook and we are not happy with the filth that is being displayed on our homepage that is being link there from the people that linked to us – can we limit it; no.
      So yes we can say that FaceBook is “Bitting the hand the feed them”
      We have pulled all ads for now and are updating less as it has become time consuming trying update or find where tabs have gone.
      Kari – APP’s Owner

  • http://dmsmerchandise.com Guest

    AOL is worse. AOL outsourced virtually all of it’s service and only a few sections, mainly the company headquarters is even American now. The rest is outsourced to India mainly and to other countries. Their user profiles are actually Bebo.com profiles and Bebo is so terribly organized and cluttered you can not find a single member who likes the service. AOL members have been dropping from the chatrooms like flies. If you look at their chatroom listings, the number of open rooms is less than half of what it was before Bebo. And if AOL don’t reverse that soon, I’d bet my top dollar that AOL becomes one of them things we used to do years ago, like BBSing.

  • http://www.pelarg.ro/ Guest

    man, this is very funny. go, user power. :)

  • Missy

    I personally hate the new facebook…I hate the “highlights” section on the right side because if a friend happens to join a porn group I have to sit and look at the pictures of the filth. I hate the stupid quizzes and I dont like that your status posts blend in with friend comments on the wall…makes it too confusing to follow.

    • Guest

      I agree 100% !!!

      • Guest

        100% !!!

        • Guest


    • Guest

      ME 2

      • Guest

        Yes!!! 100%!!!

    • APP

      I so agree! So much so I pulled our advertising until they figure out what they want from it’s users.

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