Sheriff Seeks Craigslist Erotic Services Ban

Makes hooker hunting job way too easy

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An Illinois sheriff wants Craigslist to stop making it so easy to catch prostitutes. Apparently it just gives him a lot more work than he can handle.
Craigslist Lawsuit
Sheriff Tom Dart, of Cook County, Ill., filed suit against Craigslist and asked a federal judge to ban the online classified advertising site from offering its erotic services section. “Craigslist is the single largest source of prostitution in the nation,” he said, and Dart is seeking $100,000 in reimbursement for the costs of prostitution investigations stemming from Craigslist.

This was a gem of a quote:

“I could make arrests off Craigslist 24 hours a day, but to what end? I’m trying to go up the ladder.”

Tom Dart
Tom Dart

So what he’s saying is Craigslist is making it way too easy for him to do his job, and he’d rather catch the really stupid pimps, hookers, and johns (the ones now advertising and utilizing illegal activities on the Internet) himself, on street corners, back alleys, and truck stops, just like the olden days, good, honest days of actual work. Craigslist just takes the fun out of the chase.

When he goes up that ladder he’s talking about though, he’ll likely discover the federal protection Craigslist enjoys under the Communications Decency Act, which shields Internet services from liability for third party content. Being a lawman, Dart probably should have checked on that before calling a press conference.

Craigslist’s FAQ explains why the Erotic Services section is provided:

Q: Why does craigslist have an "erotic services" category?


A: It was established at the request of craigslist users, who were tired of seeing ads for escort services, sensual massage, adult web cams, phone sex, erotic dancing, adult websites, nude housecleaning, etc mixed into the regular personals and services categories.

In addition, Craigslist maintains a ban on illegal activity and removes posts when discovered.

Sheriff Seeks Craigslist Erotic Services Ban
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  • Guest

    While your at it why don’t you go after all of the idiots selling marijuana on there as well under the guise of prop 215 drugs in CA

  • Guest

    Personally, I would rather see prostitution than rape.
    You have two (or more) consenting adults wanting to enjoy their past time, hobby, escape from reality or what ever you call it; then so what! Let them be!
    Maybe dirty old men, or women, can’t get pleasured because they are too bashful to meet their sexual preference or maybe they are just outright ugly or too damn old to pick up regular dates or you might even have the woman at home with menopause that just refuses to show any affection whatsoever and wears barbwire around certain parts or her anatomy when she goes to bed at night. These are good reasons why many adults wish that it was legal.
    Like I said, it is way better to have consenting adults than people raping to get what they want or need. The only reason it is illegal is because the government can’t tax it or make a profit from it just like when they had the numbers game back in the early 1900’s which is exactly the same the same thing today that is called the lottery.
    As far as the lazy cop that can’t get off his butt and get more people to do their job; he has a personal problem. I think it’s called ego.

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