Sharon Stone is Now Available for Suitors


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Following the release of Basic Instinct in 1999, one could have walked into any teenage boy's bedroom and most likely found some evidence of Sharon Stone's emphasis leg-crossing scene. At the time, Stone was at her prime and had one of Hollywood's most sought after bodies. Now, after two marriages and three kids, every 90's era teenage boy dreams have come true - Sharon Stone is back on the market and looking for suitors.

In an interview with Extra's Mario Lopez, Stone revealed that she is ready to test the dating waters again now that the circumstances are right: “What’s happened is my kids have reached the age where I feel comfortable to date. I didn’t want to date when they were little… who needs a bunch of people running in and out of their lives? Now I feel comfortable dating... I am available for dating!"

Stone's foray back into the dating world comes after her recent break-up with former boyfriend Martin Mica in January of last year. Previous to that relationship, Stone had been married to TV producer Michael Greenberg and San Francisco editor Phil Bronstein.

Along with revealing that she is once again ready to date, Stone also told Lopez some of her preferences for her potential suitors: “I like smart. Smart is my thing... I like dark. And I like ethics, I’m really into that — people who have devoted themselves to something they really like.”

Stone's statement about ethics likely derives from her recent charity work with her own enterprise, Sharity, which is a non-profit organization that attempts to utilize the status of the celebrity to promote charitable works.

Stone has been quite active in her charitable organization, telling Lopez that “I went into my closet and gave two thirds of my wardrobe, my really good stuff, best designer pieces, to fund this peace movement in the Middle East. We have amazing people participating in this, and it’s just so exciting.”

So, men - you now have the secret to winning over Sharon Stone: Hit the books, lounge in the sun, and make a commitment to something bigger than yourself. In other words, just be a decent human being and you stand a chance.

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