Sharon Osbourne Says Goodbye to America’s Got Talent: Twitter Reacts

    July 25, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Sharon Osbourne is apparently the latest celebrity judge to bid farewell to a televised talent show. Catching everyone by surprise, the wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne took to Twitter — a place where everyone makes official announcements these days — to break the news to her legion of followers that she will not be returned to “America’s Got Talent” for another season. What’s even more peculiar than her apropos-of-nothing departure is the manner in which went about it.

Instead of giving her fans a reason for leaving the program, Osbourne left the explanation hanging in the wind, kind of like a troublesome loose end from a story that was never very much fun to read in the first place. The tweet name checks Howard Stern, her co-host on AGT. From the way it’s worded, it would appear that Sharon is defending herself against Stern’s remark that she won’t return to the show unless the network cuts her a bigger check.

Observe the Twitter post for yourself:

“This is coming out of context and sort of spontaneously, and we don’t even know what’s going on. And it’s probably much ado about nothing,” NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt explained. He refused to comment further on the subject.

Since Osbourne’s camp is remaining silent, as well, I suppose we’ll have to turn to Twitter to get some reactions to the news. Is Sharon just messing with people’s minds, or is she dead serious about her intended departure from the program? See what folks have to say on the subject by checking out some responses below.

  • richard finley

    im already gone too many commercials

  • janet

    Goodbye Sharon, this will be one less show that we can live without!


    They should of called it america got retards the show is was and is stupid


    They should of called it america got retards the show was and is stupid

  • spacker

    I will miss Sharon…she is professional, fun, and a good heart. I will NOT miss all the little boy fights between the two males (both years…pierce and stern ….that she constantly had to break up and have THEM TRY to act professional.

    • Paul Noel

      a lot you know!

  • Margie Turley

    Miss her already…she is why I watch the show

    • john brown

      Me too.

  • Ruth

    Sharon and Howie were a great combo. I wasn’t thrilled with Howard Stern this year and know it must be a burden with them having to move to NY to accomodate him. They showed way too many bad acts which should have been weeded out before they even got as far as to be seen by the judges. Get rid of the stupidity and maybe the show will survive.

  • nick

    Bye, Bye, so long farewell! Now she can go, live in a van, down by the river! Enough with the British judges, its Americas Got Talent!

  • Too much

    Sorry to see Sharon go! I wish Howie would leave, as he seems to like too many stupid performers in my humble opinion. Just like the little old guy? What a waste it was to keep him, while others were much better.

  • Shar

    It amazes me that in the new world were living in so many “Hollywood Stars” are down on big Corporate salary’s but don’t apply the same attitude to themselves. Isn’t the Hollywood Company’s that produce all these movies and reality shows also part of Corporate America? What a bunch of hypocrites. BOO! HOO! they just can’t make ends meet on 10 million a year, gotta have 12 million!

  • Billy

    It’s because of her son…

  • Kieran



      Actually fu**ing cu** would be more appropriate…lol

  • Paul Noel

    she left so she could go in search of getting herself some talent! and stop living off ozzy!


    Does this woman know how to keep a job? I swear she flutters from gig to gig faster than most people change their panties. I guess having a rich rock star husband makes her view jobs as hobbies rather than actual work.

    • Kevin

      Are you kidding? If it was not for Sharon, there would be no Ozzy. She managed every facet of his career, from choosing band members, selecting producers, managing tours, etc…..

      Obviously you have never listened to Howard. No one does an interview like Stern, do some research and see what others have to say.

      I would argue they are actually over qualified, and both should leave the joke of a show.


    Well I’d like to know why Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne and Howard Stern were judges in the first place, because not one of them has any talent whatsoever. Right?

  • Taylor

    This is the last season I will watch the show. No Sharon, I won’t be watching.

  • http://yahoo bubba

    i wish howard would stay and the others would leave. sharons scatterbrained and howies a know it all.

  • muttcatt

    Mrs O has spoken very candidly about leaving AGT. After her son Jack was diagnosed with MS, he was cut from a new celebrity show. Being his manager, the email was vague.
    MS is NOT ALWAYS a life destroyer and NBC is making a mistake by not allowing Jack Osbourne to show the world that someone with MS can leave a lot a of years.

  • Kellie

    I will miss her, but the stupid song they play for it is soooo annoying…

  • http://www.glitzeeglee.com Jamie

    I like Sharon.I’m a fan of AGT. Sorry to see her go but maybe it’s related to her son’s medical condition.

  • judy

    Good luck sharon osborne snd best of luck with the many challenges ahead for your son you have conquerored so many things in life and you all will come through god bless we will miss you