Shark Attack Victim Describes Ordeal

    June 1, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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A shark attack is every swimmer and surfer’s worst nightmare and in spite of the fact that shark attacks are incredibly rare, it seems like there is news of one almost every month during the summer.

A woman was recently attacked by a shark while surfing in Florida. The attack took place on May 15 and the shark almost bit the woman’s foot and ankle completely off.

The victim, 38-year-old Amy Tatsch, is recovering from the attack but described the ordeal during a recent interview.

“We caught a couple of waves. He caught one and I drifted down a little farther with the current so I was a little farther away and the next wave that was coming up, I was ready,” she said. “I kicked off with my right leg to give me some momentum to ride in and that’s when I got bumped. It was a really hard bump and then seconds after I felt my leg being torn and then I felt the motion of something big swimming away.”

There were no lifeguards on the beach where the attack occurred, so Tatsch’s family and other beachgoers had to help her get to shore and call for an ambulance.

The doctors who examined the bite believe the shark who attacked Tatsch was a bull shark. Bull sharks are the most common culprits of attacks on humans and although it is likely that the shark confused Tatsch with something else, bull sharks are known to have a mean streak.

On average, there are 16 shark attacks per year in the United States with one fatality every two years. In order to avoid future shark attacks, scientists have started adding tracking devices to great white sharks. They may soon start adding them to other shark species as well.

The tracking devices allow the scientists to know where the tagged sharks are and if they get too close, scientists can warn lifeguards and beachgoers.

Do you think the shark tracking system will help reduce shark attacks?

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • sunuva

    Just kill the sharks that are near the shore. They say they’re threatened but when is the last time you heard a number of how many sharks there are in the ocean? They have no clue how endangered they are. Tell me a number then I’ll believe you. We kill mosquitos and sharks are an even bigger pest so hunt them and kill them if they get near shore.

    • Taylor

      lolz at your ignorance

    • Gra

      Unfortunately, when we start getting rid of apex predators anywhere, like bullsharks- which are nowhere near being endangered, we end up with other problems besides one or two severe bites statewide (FL) every year. And btw, mosquitoes are responsible for more deaths in any given year than probably an entire centuries worth of shark attacks. Now if sharks bite people all the time like mosquitoes do and spread contagious diseases thoroughly enough enough to kill thousands of people in a few months at a time affecting the entire development of cultures, like mosquitos do, then maybe we can start making the comparison. Till then, if you’re afraid of sharks, stay out of the water and financial debt. Can’t escape mosquitos really, but you can always swat one if you fell the need for revenge. Try swatting the next bullshark you go swimming with, and we’ll see YOU on Youtube!

    • MCJ

      Funny you mention mosquitos. They are actually the deadliest animal on Earth to humans, besides other humans. P.S. It is estimated that we already kill 100 million sharks per year. With all due respect, you’re an ignoramus.

      • Name

        we kill 100 million sharks a year?? I’m not sure where you got that from but that seems outrageously high..so we kill a half billion sharks in only 5 years??? 1 billion sharks in only 10 years?? I seriously have to question where you got that information from.

        • MCJ

          Google “sharks killed per year” – how friggin hard is that?

      • Anthony Millsaps


      • Devlyn

        Did not know mosquitos are animals.

        • MCJ

          What are they, vegetables?

          • Devlyn

            I honestly did not know. You are so flippant and resort to name calling to get your point across. Sorry I am not a know it all seeking refuge behind the internet curtain.

          • MCJ

            I apologize then. Insects are animals.

    • Chris Gould

      We need sharks more than they need us. Sharks are not pest, they are apex predators that live in the ocean. People are designed to live on land. Sharks are very vital people including yourself very survival.

    • Ryan

      you’re a moron

      • Joseph

        No, they are not a moron. You have no logical thought as to why getting rid of sharks is bad. You only believe what you have been brainwashed into believing.

      • Zebo

        Yeh, my kinda moron.

    • Ryan

      I hope Daniel Tosh stumbles across your brilliant strategy

    • gattacaace

      Why don’t we kill stupid humans first?

      • Steve Irwin

        Yeah, dumbass, because sharks contribute so much more than humans do. You’re a poor excuse for a human being.

        • gattacaace

          they contribute more than you.

          a troll hiding behind a name that isn’t its own…

        • Tara

          who was here first?

        • SeanMcCuen


    • BangkokBetty

      I totally agree!! And the cows. and the horses. Let’s kill all of them too, what with them actually being more dangerous than sharks. http://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/animals/stories/11-animals-more-likely-to-kill-you-than-sharks

    • Kevin Bethke

      sunnuva, how old are you? Because your very ignorant on the behavior of sharks. Thats like saying kill all the bee’s because they sting. Bee’s dont just make honey, with out them all our crops would die, then us for lack of food.
      Sgt. U.S.M.C RET.

    • live free or die

      Sunuva – you’re right on !! Folks didnt grasp the point of “near the shore”. We terminate bears that acquire a taste for human flesh. Its the cause and effect of behavior modification. Humans are the superior species and if you disagree, go camping in Yellowstone and be sure to keep your food in your tent so the bears can snuggle up with you while they snack on your leg.

    • Drake Sorter

      How can anyone be so uninformed? Did you vote for GW twice? Have you heard of the food chain? (It has nothing to do with Taco Bell.) Please don’t reproduce!

    • SeanMcCuen

      you’re an idiot.

    • Anthony Millsaps

      sunuva, Are you aware of the fact that sharks of all types are killed by the thousands daily by illegal shark fishing operations around the globe? They pull these sharks out of the water cut their fins off and dump them back in the ocean ALIVE to suffer and die. Sharks are a vital species to the balance of the oceans eco-system. You don’t just kill off an animal because they mistake us for prey. Do we kill off all the Hippo’s in Africa because they kill more humans than any other species on that continent? No. Do we kill all the Grizzly bears because they attack and maul humans? No. Nature is THEIR territory. We are simply visitors entering their world. Sharks aren’t cold blooded killers looking to hurt humans. Their lives consist of hunting for their next meal daily and humans get attacked by accident in that process. Killing these animals because they get too close to shore is not the answer and is a mistake we humans have made for decades until scientists started to learn more about their behavior. Sharks ARE an endangered species. Not every type of shark, but the majority of them are and it’s our duty to protect them after the damage of over fishing and undue killing has caused to these animals that have roamed this planet longer than we have. They deserve our respect

    • Koomz

      Never go full retard….you JUST WENT FULL RETARD.

  • Daniel Droukis

    Sharks have a mean streak……I don’t think animals are capable of meaness. That wonderful trait is shared only by humans. Isn’t that nice.

  • bigtone718 .

    how about just staying your ass out of the sharks Habitat!that’ll work for ya!!!

  • Tazmanian

    When you go swimming in the sharks habitat and home, the ocean, you can’t blame the shark. If you been under water at the beach, you know that you can barely see your hand in front of your face. The sharks eat thousands of fish without knowing exactly what’s on the menu for the day. To the shark, her leg probably didn’t taste like it’s usual meal, and it swam off. Do you really think that the sharks see a human and think to itself, I am gonna f*^f up that humans day. Get real people.

  • Boone

    I’ll just stick to the pools, thank you very much…

  • Mike

    Sharks are living creatures, I cannot understand how you can sit there and ignorantly say kill them all. How about this, your clearly an annoying pest, let’s get rid of you. Sharks are just misunderstood creatures. The ocean is THEIR territory and their home and when we go into THEIR home, we are invading their territory and then it’s fair game. If someone were to enter your home that you knew but were so incoherent to correctly identify for any reasoning, then the person gets accidentally hurt. It’s the same as with sharks. Your enter THEIR domain, they are just swimming around looking for food and they see you and ACCIDENTALLY mistake you for a fish, well there ya go. It’s a dog eats dog world and it’s called survival of the fittest. Human’s were not made to live and breathe under water as the creatures that live there are. So we use machines and gear to enter their home, any animal can attack you, it’s inevitable. Mesqiutos kill more humans then anything and people are the most dangerous predator out there but you don’t see them being hunted and killed because they kill others. It’s the SAME damn thing.

  • Steve Irwin

    No, you are the dumb fuck. Getting rid of the sharks is the answer, loser drone piece of shit. You have no logical thought as to why getting
    rid of sharks is bad. You only believe what you have been brainwashed
    into believing.

    • gattacaace


    • MsReginaAlexander .

      You need to get off your mothers tits and grow up!

  • Sheri Drips

    The shark has a mean streak? LOL

  • Ronald Loynes

    OK people who think we should ignore shark attacks. Come to New Symryna Beach and put your children in the water. See what you think then!!

    • Tara

      stay out of the water then. There have got to be other beaches.

      • Ronald Loynes

        the reason sharks are in shore is a man made cause. !st politicians passed a law to ban inshore gill netting to save bait species, hence huge population of inshore bait fish. 2nd same politicians passes a law to limit the shark fishing off shore. All info was based on “scientists” observations organizations like “Oceana”. So the sharks have move from offshore to the beaches and are protected from fishing. This is why “it’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature!” and people are being bitten.

  • IHateLibs

    Its NOT rare , if Youre the one GETTING CHOMPED on

    • IHateDumbAsses

      Brilliant commentary.

  • gattacaace


  • Harrison Davis


    • Ronald Loynes

      If that was true then I guess we are doomed as terrestrials to die by snakes, bears, spiders etc. etc.

  • Bigfish80

    Where, where, where! Every one of these shark attack stories just say Florida. Can you be a little more specific you idiots!

  • Milwaukee

    Killing sharks because we are scared of them is not logical. If we killed everything that might hurt or kill us then nothing or no-one would be off the list. Taking chances is part of life.

  • Tara

    Sharks are the garbage dispaosals of the ocean they keep the water clean. With water covering a majority of the earth I think they are pretty important. People kill people more than sharks. If you hate sharks so much stay out of the water.

  • charlie

    You are in there place so put up with them. or stat out of the water!!!!

  • Gary

    WHERE in Florida?

    • Melanie

      I read in another article that the attack occurred in Melbourne Beach, just south of Cocoa Beach.

  • Adam

    You are the ignorant pos. He is right, sharks belong in water and people belong on the land. You sound like a typical dumb redneck moron that has to kill animals because he is such a chicken shit scarety cat or to make himself feel more like a man. Only time to kill a shark is when your life is immediately threatened.

    • Lowry Shank

      We need humans? What an ass. You are the dumb fuck. Getting rid of the humans is the answer,
      loser drone piece of shit. You have no logical thought as to why
      rid of humans is bad. You only believe what you have been brainwashed
      into believing.

  • Al

    Like any other wild animal, humans need to stay out of shark habitats, bear, lion and any other wild animal habitat, if you insist on swimming in the ocean, well, if it isn’t a jelly fish, manta, etc etc, sooner or later, you will run into something, or it will run into you, no sympathy from me.

  • Lyndia

    well, the way they have it now, you cannot give a thumbs down. Kinda stupid.

  • Anthony Millsaps

    Tagging White Sharks is one thing, but tagging Bull sharks, Tiger sharks, Hammerheads, Mako’s, Blue sharks, Carribean reef sharks, Black tips. There’s simply no way they can tag that many species. Tagging White Sharks is already an expensive and monumental undertaking. The only way I can think of that could reduce shark attacks is for some company to come up with some sort of invention that can reppel sharks away either by an ankle type device that gives off a signal sharks don’t like. Or a spray on water proof shark reppelant similar to the chemical they use in chemical shark reppent grenades that have been proven to get a shark or sharks to scatter immediately. The majority of shark attacks are accidents in which the shark believes the human is prey of some kind that they normally feed on and that type of behavior is never going to change. You can reduce your risk of being attacked by not swimming or surfing at dusk too when sharks are known to hunt at these hours. Other than that, people need to remember we are entering their domain and with that comes risks.

  • Big Muskie

    I wish I would have known a little bit more about shark attacks when my wife talked me into wearing the black wetsuit and going for a long swim off the beach in Santa Cruz.

  • http://www.KimCarsonNOW.com/ Kim Carson

    of course not.

  • Joy

    I believe I can say with 100% certainty that my death certificate will never say “cause of death-shark attack”, because my two feet will stay firmly planted on dry ground.

  • Lowry Shank

    Just kill the humans that are near the shore. They say they’re
    threatened but when is the last time you heard a number of how many humans there are in the ocean? They have no clue how endangered they
    are. Tell me a number then I’ll believe you. We kill mosquitos and humans are an even bigger pest so hunt them and kill them if they get
    near shore.

  • Roger Bellas

    Instead of tagging the sharks I suggest you serve them blackened as on most seafood menus. A win=win situation.

  • https://www.etsy.com/shop/TroppoBella ThankfulE

    If it’s the Bull Sharks that are responsible for the most attacks, why then are we only tagging the Great Whites? Also, why don’t we implement the use of shark nets around our beaches like they do in Australia?

  • beachbum


  • joe liegel

    It would help if you told where the shark attack occured. With bull sharks, they can survive in fresh water tributaries to the seas and will go upstream into major rivers as the water gets warmer. During the hot summer months, bull sharks have been found in the Mississippi river as far north as St. Louis, Missouri. This is not a joke, bull sharks will go wherever there is an ample amount of food. It has gotten worse since the introduction of Japanese Carp into the Mississippi river. This species of carp are actually killing off other species by devouring once ample food sources, but they themselves become an abundant source of food for a voracious predator such as a bull shark. It should also be noted that bull sharks are one of the most aggressive of the species.

  • http://www.russellpi.com John Russell

    The sharks had become so aggressive she had to get out of the water…………

    The Florida Dive boat operators were trying to skirt the regulations. Read about the investigation that led to their arrests. Protect and save sharks and divers. http://chn.ge/1lyxhtG