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Reader Questions Answered:

The Search Engine Marketing Cycle – Part 1
Search Engines and Font Tags
Attributes, Variables, and Search Engine Visibility
Frames, JavaScript And Search Engines
Australian / New Zealand Google
Making A Good Google Ranking Even Better
Writing Title Tags for the Home Page
Submitting All Pages vs. The Main Page
Submitting To Non-US Search Engines
What Can I Do To Optimize My Web Site For Search Engines?
Meta keywords
Manual Submissions Vs. Automated Submissions

Articles By Shari:

Breadcrumb (contextual) Links and Search Engine Optimization
Contextual Advertising: Facts, Myths and Misconceptions – Part 3
Contextual Advertising: Facts, Myths, And Misconceptions – Part 2
Contextual Advertising: Facts, Myths, And Misconceptions – Part 1
Getting Flash Sites Ranked In Search Engines
Absolute Vs. Relative Links: Which Is Better For The Search Engines?
Optimize Your Entire Site For The Search Engines
Web Site Architecture And Search Engines – Part 1
Web Site Architecture And Search Engines – Part 2
Web Site Architecture And Search Engines – Part 3
Disabling Google And Other Search Engines From Crawling A Site
The Myth Of Permanent Search Engine Positions
URL Structure And Search Engine Optimization
Location Of Global Navigation For Optimal Search Engine IndexingKeyword Research For Search Engine Visibility
Dissecting Search Engine Result Pages
Understanding Search Engine Results Pages
Registering A Web Site With Keyword Phrases
Getting Your Web Site Listed In The Google Index
Duplicate Content In The Search Engines
HTML Tag Order And Search Engine Positioning
Navigation Schemes in Web Site Design

Shari Thurow is Marketing Director at Grantastic Designs, Inc., a full-service search engine marketing, web and graphic design firm. This article is excerpted from her book, Search Engine Visibility (http://www.searchenginesbook.com) published in January 2003 by New Riders Publishing Co. Shari can be reached at shari@grantasticdesigns.com.

Shari Thurow Answers SEO Questions: Click Here For Free Answers

Shari Thurow Answers SEO Questions
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