Shannen Doherty’s ‘Heart Breaks’ for Tori Spelling

    May 17, 2014
    Mike Fossum
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During a guest spot on the Arsenio Hall Show Thursday, Beverly Hills, 90210 and Charmed actress Shannen Doherty commented on the marital woes of former 90210 co-star Tori Spelling, and responded to former TV-twin Jason Priestley’s newly-released memoir.

Doherty admitted to Hall that she watches Lifetime’s reality series True Tori, and revealed that each episode leaves her shocked. “Wow, it’s just all out there!,” Doherty exclaimed, adding, “She is baring her soul and I think that everybody has their process of what’s cathartic for them in how to deal with something, and this might be hers.”

“My heart does break for her,” said Doherty. “It breaks for anybody that’s in that situation. I mean, that’s pretty awful and I certainly hope everything works out for the best. And in meantime, it’s making for some amazing TV – I just hope that Tori loves herself. She’s a beautiful girl and she needs to ignore the haters.”

Commenting on tidbits related in Priestley’s tell-all book, Hall recalled, “Back in the day, there was always stuff on my card about who you were battling with – They would say you’re battling with Tori, you’re battling with Jason, you’re battling with (Luke Perry)’s pig. Remember, Luke had a pig?”

Doherty responded, “I mean, I only met it once. It didn’t like me, I guess, but I hear it’s writing a memoir! Can’t wait for that!”

Here a stalwart Brandon (Priestley) gives twin sister Brenda (Doherty) a guilt trip over cigarette smoking, in a clip from the original Beverly Hills, 90210:

Doherty’s general take on pal Priestley’s tell-all was “let it be.” The actress, who will appear in Animal Planet’s Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys on May 25, added, “It was so long ago,” referring to her time on 90210. “I always say that everyone has their own version of the truth, and memories are very funny things.”

Check out the Blood Lake Trailer:

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  • Charlotte DiLondon

    The struggle that Tori Spelling is going through, is really unnecessary. She is trying to put her marriage back together, but is this really what Dean WANTS? Tori thinks she can’t raise her kids without their dad? If Tori would go to her mother, and lay her problems at her feet, Candy would rescue Tori. Her mother would break her off some money, and Tori could get maybe three nannies, a cook, and a house keeper, and get off the Reality shows spilling her guts, and get back to her own career. She has the name, and the talent, and fans. My opinion, dump Dean, and make it on your own. He doesn’t deserve a Tender Rooney like Tori.

  • dalelyddy

    if anyone believes this isn’t another storyline for the tori/dean dean/tori show….grow up….jeez

  • dalelyddy

    oh!! by the way Charlotte…ARE YOU AN IDIOT????