Shania Twain To Close Her Vegas Show

    July 26, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Shania Twain will close the curtains on her show in Las Vegas on December 13th to the displeasure of many fans.

The country music superstar followed the likes of Garth Brooks and Celine Dion when she sought success in Sin City at Caesar’s Palace.

She made a grand entrance into Las Vegas in November 2012. Traffic was halted to make room for Shania Twain, who was riding a horse and accompanied by a small herd of them.

Shania Twain:Still The One was an incredibly popular show for Shania Twain and her tenure in Las Vegas has been a very lucrative one. Many of her performances have completely sold out, solidifying Shania Twain as a Vegas favorite.

If you haven’t been able to see Shania Twain: Still The One, it is reportedly quite the production. Shania belted out her hits accompanied by a massive band. She had dancers of many kinds, a flying motorcycle, multi-scent (?) show projectors and even some lovely trained horses. Sounds pretty amazing.

She was aptly named Las Vegas Weekly‘s “Best Resident Performer” for their “Best of Vegas 2014” list. Just before that honor was given, she became the first artist to sell out two back-to-back shows at this year’s Calgary Stampede.

Shania Twain will miss Las Vegas and Las Vegas, I’m sure, will miss her as well.

Her show is not the only thing that Shania Twain was active in while living there. She also started Shania Kids Can, which is an organization that built a clubhouse at a needy school. They also provided activities for children that would help them work toward bettering themselves and their education.


“I started the first international Shania Kids Can clubhouse in Las Vegas because I love this city, and my time here has given me more than anyone can ever know.” Shania Twain said of her project.

Good luck to Shania Twain on her future ventures!

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  • benlane

    Shania will NEVER be equaled as an entertainer!!!benlane

  • Chris Von

    Nobody Cares

    • Amy

      Shut up, loser! Obviously you do when you take the time to come to an article and comment on it. Typical fat, lazy internet troll living in his parents’ house. You’re just jealous that a talented, rich, beautiful woman wouldn’t ever give you the time of day or tell you from sludge on her shoe. Nobody cares about you!

      • Greg

        I actually care a bit as I was recently in Las Vegas and choose to see a Cirque show instead of Shania. Now I wish I would have chosen differently. Really though, does Chris truly deserve such harsh critique just because he is not a fan? Yes, he could have been more diplomatic in his critique but is your frustration really at his comment or something more serious. At any rate, good day to both of you.

        • Ugonna Wosu

          Was Chris’s comment “diplomatic”? Claiming “nobody cares” is not only false, but coming here for the sole purpose of typing that is not only rude to her fans, but false. Her fans care, and HE must care enough to take the time to comment instead of passing on. He is a troll, and for you to get on a high horse of moral correction and act like you don’t see that is disingenuous and obnoxious.

      • Paul

        Amy.. WOW. Do you have issues. Anyone that would respond like that has serious issues. That much anger over a simple 2 word post serious needs to look at counseling.

  • Joshua Moraga

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  • sunset chaser

    Shania is very attractive. I wonder if she would have made it so far had she been less attractive and/or not married Mutt. There are so many singers out there that are more talanted and didn’t get as far.Her first album reached # 67 on the charts with ONE CO-writing credit. THEN SHE MARRIED MUTT. Her next album came out of the chute like a raging bull and she was credited as writer or co-writer on every song.Mutt wanted her to be big and she was. The media has been quoted saying her & Mutt met after he heard her original material on her first album. ONE co-write? He even knew how to work the media to make her look/sound good. Everything she has she owes to Mutt. Okay,Your turn. Go ahead with how I’m jealous etc,etc…

  • triton

    And this story is important to mankind because???????