Shakira Reaches 100 Million Likes On Facebook

    July 19, 2014
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Shakira is officially the most popular person on Facebook!

On Friday, July 18, Shakira reached 100 million likes on the social media site, making her the first person ever to do so.

“I am honored and humbled about reaching this milestone,” the Colombian singer said. “Social media and specifically Facebook has helped myself and other artists bridge the gap between the stage and the audience.”

Shakira is a very personable celebrity user, which is why she has gained so many likes. Even though she has two assistants that post on her timeline, Shakira also makes many of the posts herself and shares her own pictures, including those of her son Milan. Shakira typically signs the posts that she creates with “Shak” so that her fans will know that it is her. “I can interact meaningfully with (fans) on a regular basis,” Shakira previously said of her social media usage, “and the response is immediate.”

To thank fans for their support, Shakira uploaded a video to her timeline. She captioned the video by saying, “100 million friends on Facebook! That is incredible! Shak.”

“~ To celebrate Shak being the first person to reach 100 million Facebook fans, here’s a look back at her time on Facebook so far! ~ ¡Para celebrar que Shak ha sido la primera persona en llegar a los 100 millones de seguidores en Facebook, hemos realizado este vídeo que incluye un repaso de estos años en esta plataforma! ShakHQ,” the next post read.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was even impressed with her accomplishment. “Congrats!” he wrote in a comment Shakira’s page. “What an amazing milestone for an amazing person.”

Image via Wikimedia Commons