Shaggy Not Dead, Twitter Users Can Relax

    January 24, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A death-hoax is making the rounds once again, and once again, singer Shaggy is the victim.

The “Wasn’t Me” singer has been on the receiving end of the hoax a couple of times now but fans can rest assured that he’s still kickin’ despite an internet rumor that he was stabbed during a barfight. An update to Shaggy’s Wikipedia page caused a lot of confusion, however, as the prankster behind the hoax updated his bio to include his death date. The page has since been changed.

Fans and curious Twitter users took to the social media site to discuss, exclaim, and mourn the performer before word got out that it was all a hoax:

  • Scooby

    There’s only one Shaggy! This is an imposter, and I don’t rike it!


    I honestly believe that these folks hired a third party to spread this for them to stay relevant. It would be like a news report about the 633rd person on the Grassy Knoll died when JFK was murked. Who cares? How about keeping your 140 characters to yourself?

  • Teddy

    Internet chat sites are going to the dogs now a dayzs… These lies and deceptions are all over everywhere… Smartphones and android devices can be used to spread them lies all over the place. It is hard to keep up and tell what’s real or not. Shaggy is indeed not dead, he’s alive and well. Thank goodness it’s a hoax, or they’ll be mayhem all over the place. Stop lying to the general public, and stop the nonsence, that’s the first step to a safer and better internet.