Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Make It Livelier

    June 18, 2003

I had a look at the site, and its not bad – better than I could do, but a couple of things struck me.

The picture window doesn’t go anywhere, maybe it should have somewhere to go.

The price of the legal herbs to smoke is dearer than the real thing, and no one wants to admit they like to use recreational substances especially on the net, or I could be old fashioned.

There’s an ordering button name your poison, it doesn’t inspire confidence or trust. You wonder if it’s safe.

I had a look at J icq when I finished I clicked out and was gone from the site back to your email, maybe this should open in its own window so you get back to the site you where on, I usually never go back to a site if this happens.

The way its presented seems to be targeting the 38yrs plus, maybe aim for a younger age group, and put some music or sound on ‘cos it can be a little dull with black and no contrast color or music to break it up.

Thanks for your email. It was fun having a look at the site though I wasn’t on for a long time, my sites not ready yet, I dont have J skill with html, I hope this helps.


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