6 Sexy Secrets to Attract Clients

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Have you wondered why movie stars and models are such effective spokespeople?

It’s because advertisers know that they add “glamour” and “celebrity status” to mundane items like Kleenex and milk.

Given a choice between two generic products of a similar price, it makes sense that the product with the “glamour” – the product people read about and see associated with sexy stars – will be the preferred brand.

Now, think about your business.

Think about your competitors, who offer a similar product or service.

If you could associate your business with glamour and celebrity status, wouldn’t you be the “preferred brand?”

Here are six ways to use celebrity status to attract clients now!

Step #1

Get in the news!

How do you do it? Send a media release to TV stations and radio shows. (If you are not sure how to write one, see my five day publicity course by sending a blank email to mailto:TopPRSecrets@GetResponse.com

Step #2

Get your release in the right hands.

“I’ve finally figured out how to write an eye-grabbing press release!” my students exclaim with glee. Now – how do I get contact information?”

Are you wondering the same thing?

Sure, you can use one of the news release distribution services and “mass fax” or “mass email” your release in a big blast.

But what’s the point?

=>Faxing or emailing the world through a distribution service is expensive.

=>Even in broad categories, such as food or technology, realize that not every journalist is interested in your niche.

=>When journalists see your name on releases not targeted to their area of expertise, they could order their email filter to “trash you” and never take you seriously, even when you have real news they would otherwise be interested in.

Which brings us to

Step #3

Grow Riche in Your (Targeted) Media Niche

Your first step in becoming a media magician is to discover who your target market is — and cater ONLY to that target market.

Ask yourself:

1. What does this market read?

2. What does this market watch?

Don’t bother sending your news release to any publication or show that is not read or watched by your target market.

Step #4

Find Contact Information at the Library

Go to the library and sort through the media databases like Burrell’s and Bacon’s.

Bring dimes or a laptop to start your database

Step #5

Find Contact Information via Publications You Already Read

Read the publications your target audience reads with special attention to the masthead and to the articles and columns.

I often can sense, from a journalist’s subject and style of writing, if he would be interested in the subject I wish to promote.

In this case, I write down his name, email (if supplied), and some notes about the publication and story in my database.

If the journalist is on staff, you can usually find an email formula (i.e. first name, last name) in the masthead.

If the journalist is a freelancer, you can often find this information at the end of the article or in a page featuring news about contributors.

Step #6

Make an initial, personalized connection with the journalist.

Today, many journalists prefer to receive releases by email – but you must verify this with the journalist before sending your release through cyberspace.

Before sending the release, you can send the journalist you’ve just added in your database a friendly, personalized email message, introducing yourself, and a compelling reason why they would have an interest in receiving information about your subject.

For example, let’s say that you have a dessert cookbook. You know your target audience watches the Food Channel and reads Food & Wine magazine. You’ve spotted a freelance writer for F & W, who wrote about new dessert trends in restaurants.

You write the journalist an email that reads something like this:

Dear (personal name):

I really enjoyed your article about dessert trends in Food & Wine – it was well written and made me salivate.

I’m an expert in desserts and the author of the new book (title), and know that journalists are often on deadline and in need of sources. I would be glad to comment on the subject for any future articles you write, or refer you to colleagues who can help if I can’t.

Since food, and desserts in particular is your subject of expertise, I would like permission to put you in my media database for receiving emailed media releases on this topic.

Looking forward to your reply.

Steady Road to Success

Yes, the idea of shooting off a release via a distribution service to thousands of media representatives sounds enticing.

But any PR pro will tell you that the best list is a customized list, full of hand picked contacts you’ve experienced through their articles or shows is best.

Marisa D’Vari is the author of “Presentation Magic: Dazzle and Deliver Talks with Confidence. Many free how-to articles on the http://www.deg.com/ web site, or join her free ezine by sending a email to join_BusinessSuccessSolutions@pluto.sparklist.com

6 Sexy Secrets to Attract Clients
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About Marisa D'Vari
Marisa D'Vari is the author of "Presentation Magic: Dazzle and Deliver Talks with Confidence. Many free how-to articles on the http://www.deg.com/ web site, or join her free ezine by sending a email to join_BusinessSuccessSolutions@pluto.sparklist.com WebProNews Writer
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