Seven Ways to Explicitly Trigger Network Effects

    August 25, 2006

A few weeks ago, Dion Hinchcliffe wrote Creating Web 2.0 Applications: Seven Ways to Fully Embrace the Network which contains some crazy business-speak and some good ideas about making it possible for your applications to harness network effects.

Briefly, I’ll list them here along with a few of my comments.

1. Network Enable Your Application

2. Enable Data Sharing and Data Defaults

3. Linkify Everything In Your Web 2.0 App: people still underestimate the power of the permalink, don’t they?

4. Syndicate Your Content: welcome to 2002!

5. Turn Your Application Into a Platform: this can be much, much harder than it seems

6. Open Up Inside Your Site

7. Build a Viral Social Architecture

What did he miss?

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