Seven Versions for Vista!?

    September 11, 2005

Bill, you have got to be kidding us all. The always-excellent Signal vs. Noise blog says that Microsoft has seven versions planned for its next Windows release, Vista (the OS formerly known as Longhorn)…

* Windows Vista Starter Edition
* Windows Vista Home Basic Edition
* Windows Vista Home Premium Edition
* Windows Vista Professional Edition
* Windows Vista Small Business Edition
* Windows Vista Enterprise Edition
* Windows Vista Ultimate Edition

If this is indeed the final product lineup, I think MS is due for big trouble. People have a hard enough time deciding if they need XP Home or XP Professional as it is! And even power users won’t know what the hell to choose.

But we are talking about the same company that actually runs ad campaigns calling their customers dinosaurs for using outdated versions of Office.

Link: Windows Vista Home Premium Edition?

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