Seven Reasons Why Your Website Exploded

    October 22, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Several common website errors may give webmasters fits, not to mention site visitors when seeing them appear online.

It’s easy to tell when a website isn’t working. The browser usually displays some kind of error message. Though it is 2007, some people may not know how to interpret these best.

Royal Pingdom posted the top seven problems webmasters and site visitors alike may have encountered. Pingdom’s data comes from their monitoring of thousands of websites; this particular sample comes from 160 million test results over a 30-day period leading up to October 19.

‘Unable to connect to server’ occurred 62.4 percent of the time, where visitors simply could not reach the online resource. That was the most common problem, which Pingdom noted could happen due to network outages, server downtime, or possibly firewall issues.

‘DNS lookup problems’ only popped up about 9.71 percent of the time. Problematic DNS configuration usually causes this error, but in the case of the domain, Federal domain admins at GSA in Washington inflicted the DNS problems for that domain.

Following these two top errors were ‘connection refused by server’, ‘timeout while trying to load the web page’, ‘503 Service unavailable’, ‘500 Internal server error’, and ‘502 Bad gateway’. As Pingdom noted, some 80 percent of webserver problems were unreachable servers, DNS errors, and server load conditions.