Setting a Pop-up Form on your Site

    December 2, 2003

1.Before creating a pop-up window, you should create a web page or a form and upload it to your server.This page your visitor will see to your server.

2.This page will pop up when the visitor comes to your site or leaving your site.This will be customized by you.

3.For this you have to keep some javascript code to insert in to your home page header part.

Go to this online code generator.It is an excellent with all the features that you can adjust to customize your pop up.


Features You can customize:

1.Function Name:

‘acewindow’ is the default name.If you want the pop up to appears with two functions like when the visitor enters and also they click on some link, then keep seperate names for both to prevent conflict.


This is the size of your pop up.You can keep full size or choose the size in pixels. Try not to keep full size.It annoys the visitor.If you are keeping a small form with name and email address fields then you can adjust the size as it just fits to the size.


This is position of the pop up appears on the screen.


If you keep your pop up to fit your form size you don’t even need the scrollbar. Remaining are all your choices.Pop up should simple with out all these menu bars, status bars etc.

5.Pop up name:

‘acepopup’ is there by default.If you are using two forms on the same page, you can name them different to prevent conflict.

6.Location of window:

Whether you want your pop up infront of the webpage or as pop under window.

7.URL of the window:

This is the form page you put up in previous section.Something like-

8.Select window trigger:

Select what way you want the pop up appears- by clicking on a link or page loading etc.

9.Days to repeat pop up:

This feature is based on cookies.(Cookie is a small piece of information stored on users computer to remember his visits, logins etc.)

If you keep ‘0’, the pop up appears in every visit to that page.

If you keep ‘999’, pop up appears once for that visitor.TIP:Don’t keep ‘999’.

10.Generate code button:

To display the code to keep on your page.

11.Reset button:

To change settings if you don’t like previous variables.


To check everything OK with your pop up.You MUST upload your page before testing this feature.

Generating code and Inserting in to Your Webpage

1.Upload the form page on to your server.

2.Fill up the variables in to Ace pop up generator and test the uploaded page.If you are not satisfied you change that variable and test it again.

3. Once you are satisfied you can grab your code in the box below the pop up generator.It looks like this-


Select this code and paste it in to your ‘Head’ part of Html code.

At the top of your home page html code, you will see the head tags like <HEAD> Your title and metatags </HEAD>

Paste the code just before the </HEAD> tag.


If you want the pop up appears when clicking a certain link, you can paste the code where you want the link to appear.Like this-

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If the visitor clicks on the link the pop up form opens.


If you want the pop up form loads when visitors comes to your homepage then you paste the code(that is in the STEP 2 BOX) in to your BODY part of html.After TAG.For this you have to generate code again by selecting ‘Select window trigger’ button.

This looks like this-

<body onLoad="NewWindow('','acepopup','640','480','custom','front');">

So code will be different with different links and customization.

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