Setify Is A New eBay Tool For Collectors

    September 25, 2012
    Chris Crum

eBay has launched a new tool called Setify to help collectors track and share collections of things.

Here’s what it does:




“Ever since it was founded, eBay has delivered useful resources for collectors, and Collectibles remains one of the most popular buying and selling categories on eBay,” says eBay’s Sebastian Rupley in a blog post.

“Setify is a lightweight tool that allows collectors to track the items that they own, share their collections and build wish lists and shop for collectibles on eBay,” he adds.

The tool supports comic books and coin collections right now, but it will expand to support more things.

The product is currently in beta, and is available via invitation only. You can request an invite here. There will be iOS and Android apps later this year.