Set-Top Box Shipments Set To Increase

    May 21, 2007

Set-top box (STB) TV shipments are on track to nearly double to 120 million annually by 2011, from 65 million in 2006, according to Understanding & Solutions. Andrew Carroll of Understanding & Solutions said, "The growth of online TV and video is both threat and opportunity to the STB industry."

The firm counted cable, satellite and IPTV digitals STBs, but not digital terrestrial adapters or free-to-air (FTA) satellite receivers. The inclusion of those categories would have brought the total worldwide STB shipments to 115 million units in 2006.

Standard broadcast TV signals are scheduled to be turned off globally by the close of the decade, which is driving sales of digital STBs. Online TV and video are also changing the market.

"Broadband may possibly impact the need for dedicated digital TV infrastructure long term," said Mr. Carroll, "but for the next two to three years at least, subscription service providers actually see the STB as a way to network and integrate broadcast and IP services into one seamless ‘any content, any screen’ proposition for customers."