SES 2006 Week In Review

    August 11, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

As per usual, this year’s Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose, Calif., was jam-packed with useful information on the latest online marketing and web design techniques.

WebProNews sent managing editor Mike McDonald and staff writer Doug Caverly on a quest for the best – a task that proved easier than returning to their Old Kentucky Home in the wake of recent airline security measures.

There was no lack of fruit for their effort. Mike and Doug helped provide the content for over two dozen articles for and over a three-day period. Talk about information overload!

The experts in San Jose, “the back yard” of the big search companies, provided valuable insight on everything from social networks to branding to privacy, and didn’t leave out discussions on site design, search marketing and linking.

Your summer reading list now includes tutorials on demographic targeting, leveraging social media, “searchonomics,” blog and feed SEO, corporate blogging, and usability. Also, there’s a fiery click fraud session that’s quite worth your while.

Next time you talk to Mike or Doug, ask them how they enjoyed Texas. But wasn’t the conference in California? Yes, it was, but airport food is just so delicious, they decided to stop off for a few, or 12, hours.

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