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In the SES session "Video Search Engine Optimization" (VSEO), Greg Jarboe, president & co-founder, SEO-PR, started by talking about YouTube.

(Coverage of the SES San Jose conference will continue through its end.  Keep an eye on WebProNews for more notes and  video from the event this week.)

YouTube accounts for 98 percent of the video views on all Google sites. YouTube hosts 83.4 million videos. It dominates because it is a video-sharing site. You have to optimize and develop a video sharing strategy.

One off videos are interesting, but you really need to look for repeatable patterns. Occasional spikes are wonderful but you want to see views take off on a sustained basis.

One of his more popular videos had 13 percent of its views come from search and 75 percent of the views came from related videos. People don’t watch a single video, they watch batches of video.

He has optimized 130 videos over 4 shows for SES. Seventy-one percent of the views came from embedded YouTube players on other site’s blogs. If you can get people to embed your video into a blog you are really on to something.

Create a customized video player widget for you Web site or blog audience. The secret of video search optimization is video sharing.

Chase Norlin, CEO, Pixy Corporation, touched on trends in video search and how to optimize for it.

PureVideo is a video search engine. To optimize for it add rich Meta data. Push out a media rss/mrss feed on a regular basis. Contact and submit video to search engines.

Simple email to search video search engines can help you get added to their crawl queues.

Steve Espinosa, Director of product development & management, eLocal Listing, gave tips for getting universal results for Yahoo and Google.

Export in SWF file format and do not use active x controls. Create a video sitemap and build a page for each video. Optimize the page using title tags and link from your index page to your video page. Use a constant video description and title across all sites.

Use analytics and pay attention to dwell time. Do a/b variant testing to determine which videos get the best response and where to place links to your videos from your index page.

Utilize thumbnails and show your call to action in your thumbnail.

Matthew Scheybeler, CTO, blinkx, gave advice on SEO Do’s for video.

Provide well-placed and meaningful metadata. Use a cleaner to remove irrelevant Meta data. Use only one video per page and have plenty of text.

Make sure the video is titled something appropriate and take advantage of rss/mrss.

Avoid tag spam, flash only and dynamic players. Also avoid pop up players.

Gregory Markel, founder/president, Infuse Creative, spoke about why you should optimize video.

Video search is popular and video is effective for branding and reputation management.

The keyword for "video" is searched many times more than the keyword for "god." Video is that hot.

SES: Video Search Engine Optimization
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  • http://www.rankbetterseo.com seo raleigh

    Great aricle about SEO for videos. This holds alot of potential becuase it removes the duplication issue taht syndication can bring with traditional content.

  • http://www.hybridsem.com Joewhyte

    This is the same stuff they have been talking about for the last several years.


    Video SEO is pretty straight forward. However its not just sharing that makes a video get views. Its the content within the video as well. I would also suggest  to include the keywords you want to rank for within the video in "audio and graphical text". Google has been experimenting with this technology and is testing it out on a igoogle.com widget for political videos. Its very interesting what they are doing.


    Also if you are trying to build a youtube account make sure you entice people to subscribe, vote, share, comment or take some kind of action "this really works!"


    Also I have been experimenting with ranking videos not only in google but also within youtube itself. Using the annotations that google just implemented allows me to direct traffic from one video to another video in my arsenal or channel.



  • http://www.mobilemini.com Portable Storage Containers

    I’ve been testing Youtube virtual walkthroughs for clients and noticed a good amount of sales through it. People are visual and the inclusion of videos is a really good selling tool.

  • http://www.codegobbler.com Tom

    Been doing a lot of SEO work for web pages containing videos recently, but I’d never really though about optimising the videos themselves. Something to look into. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com Nick Stamoulis

    Thanks for sharing this recap of the Video SEO discussions from SES…Video SEO is something that will continue to evolve as the the small and mid sized business really start to use this as a medium to drive sales…

  • http://www.Sisterinc.com Audrey

    I really enjoyed reading this article.  I am now using video to help promote my site and will use some of the techniques mentioned here

  • http://parveshsareen.blogspot.com/ Parvesh

    Thanks Mike

    Nice article about video optimisation and really felt great to read the same . It is very much true that video optimisation is in fashion now and it will gear up the whole SEO process.

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